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Ergotron Announces Acquisition of Enovate Medical

  The acquisition further cements Ergotron as an industry-leading provider of healthcare workflow solutions Press Release | St. Paul | October 30, 2023 Ergotron, a global leader in ergonomic workflow solutions that transform healthcare and workspace environments, announced it has acquired Enovate Medical, a manufacturer of nurse-ready workstation solutions and services that improve clinical workflows … Read More

Enovate Medical

Enovate Medical’s Latest Envoy Point-of-care Workstation Increases Clinical Productivity with Total Connectivity

Press Release | Murfreesboro, TN | April 10, 2023 Enovate Medical is increasing nurse productivity by bringing its vision of Total Connectivity to the hospital floor. As healthcare costs continue to climb, hospitals seek productivity gains from new areas of device connectivity. Enovate’s latest Envoy point-of-care workstation has embedded technology that provides automated features and … Read More

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Addressing Nursing Fatigue with Enovate Medical’s Encore RX2

It’s Time to Solve Nursing Fatigue . . . and That Starts with Your EHR Workstation

Address nursing fatigue and burnout, and the positive results will echo across your organization. Nursing fatigue is a drain on your nurses that directly affects patient care and safety. This means that leaders who step out today to rethink their perspective on nurse health and the clinician experience are taking advantage of an opportunity — … Read More

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Enovate Medical: Start a Clinical Device Assessment

Lessons Learned from Covid-19: Why it’s Time for a Clinical Device Assessment

Now that the darkest days of the pandemic are behind us, hospitals are leveraging the lessons learned to shape their future – especially in the design and flexibility of technology. During Covid-19, hospitals quickly discovered how technology impacted their clinical teams’ efficiency and surge capacity. Today, a post-covid review offers an opportunity to update your … Read More

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Enovate Medical Preventing Burnout

Addressing Staff Burnout with the Right Workstation Setup

Burnout is at an all time high in healthcare and the world.  Doctors and nurses are overwhelmed and many are to the point that they are literally leaving their jobs. Even on the health IT side of things, burnout is real and remote work options means that people can more easily switch jobs.  Addressing staff burnout (clinical and IT) is one of the most important topics in healthcare today.

The Role of Hospital Asset Management Systems

How Hospital Asset Management Systems Play an Active Role in Healthcare

We spend a good portion of our day looking for phones, keys, and eyeglasses. In this way, our memory serves as an asset management system – and not a very good one. The stakes are higher in the hospital setting. For example, if medical supplies and equipment are not available in real time, the ripple … Read More

The Future of EHR Documentation

The Future of EHR Documentation

A roundtable discussion with Enovate and “Healthcare IT Today” Healthcare IT Today seeks out first-hand experiences to create actionable insights for its readers. Recently, John Lynn, the Founder and Chief Editor of the publication, sat down with Enovate’s Kevin Bridges, VP of Marketing and Business Development, and Marc LaFleur, VP of New Customer Development, to … Read More

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Enovate Medical Introduces Encore RX2

Enovate Medical Introduces Encore RX2™ to Reduce Nursing Fatigue and Mitigate Medication Security Risks

Press Release | Murfreesboro, TN | April 6, 2021 To achieve a 40 percent weight reduction over traditional medication carts, Enovate built the RX2 on Encore’s lightweight, durable aluminum platform which includes Enovate’s advanced EcoFlex power management system. With nursing fatigue and burnout challenging hospitals across the nation, Enovate Medical, a leading provider of EHR … Read More

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Six simple steps to ensure wall-mounted EHR workstations installation success

Installing Wall-Mounted EHR Workstations? Here are 6 simple steps to ensure success

It’s true that wall-mounted EHR workstations can reduce nursing fatigue and enhance patient engagement. But before you embark on a new roll-out, remodel, or a hardware refresh, you’ll want to consider these six steps in your project plan so you get the best clinical workflow and ensure the project’s success. 1. One size does not … Read More

Enovate OneTouch Ticketing

Introducing OneTouch Ticketing™: Improve IT and Clinical Workflow Service Issues with Ease

Over the last decade, hospitals have been upgrading their IT infrastructure to support improved clinical workflows. One workflow study found that a pediatric nurse might perform hundreds of clinical care tasks throughout her day – a function every 1 to 1 1/2 minutes.1 Any glitch in that workflow – be it a dead battery, PC needing … Read More

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Enovate Medical FIPS Validated

With FIPS 140-2 Validation, Enovate Medical becomes the First Connected EHR Workstation on Wheels for Federal Government Networks

Press Release | Murfreesboro, TN | October 21, 2020 Enovate Medical Workstations on Wheels meet FIPS 140-2 security requirements Enovate Medical announced today that its hardware and software have completed the rigorous NIST (U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technologies) testing. Its products are now certified to connect to the Federal Government networks, including VA … Read More

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Hospitals Adapt to the New COVID-19 Workflow

Hospitals Adapt to the New COVID-19 Workflow

With COVID-19 forcing hospitals to rethink their procedures, they are developing new tools and methods to increase capacity and keep everyone safe – from the moment a patient arrives in the emergency room until post-discharge. Hospitals are reinventing their workflows in critical areas: Triage outside of the hospital Telehealth using remote services Quarantining the infected … Read More

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