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Introducing OneTouch Ticketing™: Improve IT and Clinical Workflow Service Issues with Ease

Over the last decade, hospitals have been upgrading their IT infrastructure to support improved clinical workflows.

One workflow study found that a pediatric nurse might perform hundreds of clinical care tasks throughout her day – a function every 1 to 1 1/2 minutes.1 Any glitch in that workflow – be it a dead battery, PC needing a reboot, or mechanical breakdown – impacts a clinician’s ability to provide quality care.

Over this same decade, the mobile EHR workstation’s (WOWs) critical role has continued to grow. With more and more devices connected to hospital networks, the proliferation has outpaced IT staffing.

If a workstation breaks down in a time-crunched shift, a busy nurse will typically grab another workstation (if available) and then continue working. Because there is no slack in their patient workload to manage maintenance issues, they might file a service request at the end of their shift – or later. The next day, a technician must hunt the halls to locate the machine, troubleshoot, order replacement parts and make the repairs. For hospitals with 50 or more WOWs, simple maintenance requests can quickly overwhelm a short-handed IT staff.

Introducing OneTouch Ticketing

Lost time impacts the quality of patient care and patient satisfaction. For this reason, Enovate Medical developed OneTouch Ticketing. Our Envoy workstations  include a prominent icon for nurses to touch when service is needed. OneTouch Ticketing maximizes equipment uptime, eliminates the latency in reporting that leads to unnecessary down time and keeps unreported carts from cluttering hallways. OneTouch Ticketing is the first seamless support system that allows nurses and IT staff to initiate and respond to service requests in real-time and without missing a beat.

See how OneTouch Ticketing works

How it works:

Clinicians – When the nurse taps the “Send Ticket” icon on the WOW’s touchscreen, the workstation transmits a service request directly to the IT support team via Rhythm, Enovate’s cloud-based mobile device management system. The request indicates the user (via SSO integration), the specific issue (via a drop-down list), and the location of the device (using RTLS technology). With OneTouch, the nurse doesn’t have to fill out a form or make a call and can stay focused on caring for patients.

IT Support Team – IT-friendly features include:

  • Nurse requests transmit directly into their IT service management system through integration with Rhythm for prompt attention by flagging the unit’s:
    • Asset name and serial number
    • Location in the hospital
    • Problem category, and
    • User requesting service

Five Top Reasons to implement OneTouch Ticketing:

  1. Keeps the Focus on Clinical Care – Nurses can request tech support with a few simple touches – no need to waste valuable clinical time or disrupt patient care to fill out reports.
  2. Saves IT Staff Time – OneTouch Ticketing, coupled with Rhythm’s real-time location service, eliminates the need for IT staff to search the hallways and identify broken workstations. Service tickets generate automatically.
  3. Reduces Asset Downtime – OneTouch Ticketing eliminates the latency between a workstation going down and the IT staff being notified. OneTouch improves clinical efficiency by keeping clinical assets up and running by minimizing their time out of service.
  4. Maximizes Productivity – Coupled with Enovate’s Uptime program, a Ready Replacement workstation can be rolled out so nurses can continue patient care with minimal disruption. IT staff also enjoys a productivity boost: When a machine goes down, an Enovate field service technician is automatically notified of the issue and schedules the onsite repair.
  5. Optimizes Resources – OneTouch Ticketing, paired with Rhythm’s remote user management and device configuration, empowers hospital administrators to optimize human resources and capital assets more effectively while facilitating better patient care.

To learn more about OneTouch Ticketing, contact Enovate Medical for an Enovate LIVE! virtual demo or in-person demonstration.

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