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Enovate Envoy Mobile Workstation

The Enovate Envoy is the answer to improving clinical workflow and staying focused on the patient.

Enovate Encore Mobile Workstation

Encore was designed as a lightweight, durable and agile EHR workstation to reduce nurse fatigue. Encore’s sturdy design allows for documenting right at the bedside, empowering you to put patient care first.

Enovate Slimline Mobile Workstation

If your facility has small patient rooms with very limited space, our ultra-compact Slimline workstation can maneuver around those tight spaces with ease. The Slimline is an economical, small solution offering your clinical staff the tools they need for mobile documentation.

Enovate Medical Wall Solutions

Enovate WallArms feature articulating arms to deliver more patient engagement in high-acuity patient rooms. Enovate WallStations provide secure access to data that empowers clinicians with decision-making information at the point-of-care.


With multi-positional functionality, SightLine ensures that the monitor never gets in the way of personalized care.


Rhythm Mobile Device Management

Enovate’s Rhythm is the industry’s first cloud-based system to remotely monitor and manage any sized fleet of mobile EHR workstations with real-time visibility.


Enovate’s high-efficiency, cordless mobile workstation power system stays up-and-running 24/7.

Visibility | Mobility | Availability | Flexibility


Kevin Bridges explains how Enovate's technology allows users to know the the locations of mobile devices.


Kevin Bridges presents MobiusPower 5.0 battery packs.


Kevin Bridges details features that allow 100% uptime for Enovate's mobile solutions.


Kevin Bridges explains how Enovate's solutions employ various power solutions to allow for maximum flexibility.