Enovate Medical’s Latest Envoy Point-of-care Workstation Increases Clinical Productivity with Total Connectivity

Press Release | Murfreesboro, TN | April 10, 2023

Enovate Medical is increasing nurse productivity by bringing its vision of Total Connectivity to the hospital floor. As healthcare costs continue to climb, hospitals seek productivity gains from new areas of device connectivity. Enovate’s latest Envoy point-of-care workstation has embedded technology that provides automated features and connectivity when integrated within a hospital’s native software systems. Connected, nurse-ready Envoys bring visibility to misplaced and idle workstations, battery health, and utilization rates. These insights maximize nursing productivity, increase clinical availability, and reduce workforce turnover.

Reduce clinical downtime with OneTouch Ticketing

To reduce clinical downtime and eliminate the delay in reporting issues to IT, the Envoy is equipped with OneTouch Ticketing. With a simple tap on the Envoy’s touch screen, a nurse relays a service request directly into the hospital’s IT service management system. This automated cloud-based process captures the workstation asset number, location, nature of the problem, and the end user – all in real time – to increase clinical productivity.

Solve your medication security with SecureMed Access

Hospitals are looking for ways to solve the medication security issues that come with the sharing of codes between hospital staff. The Envoy’s SecureMed Access gives IT administrators control over medication access at the hospital level, department level, and down to the user level. With Envoy’s connected workstation platform, all user information is securely managed in the cloud with 2-factor authentication. With integrations into the hospital’s Single Sign-on and Microsoft Active Directory systems, SecureMed Access is seamless for nurses and automated for the IT support team.

Reduce fatigue and burnout with FollowMe Ergonomics

Nursing fatigue and burnout are major challenges in today’s hospitals. Proper ergonomics are important to keep nurses from getting fatigued, burned out, and leaving the industry. To alleviate these current healthcare trends, each connected Envoy is equipped with FollowMe Ergonomics, a cloud-based feature that allows nurses to set their proper sit/stand positions on one workstation. Each Envoy immediately recognizes the unique user through the hospital’s Single Sign-on system via badge-tap or PINs. FollowMe Ergonomics remove the hassle of programming settings each time the nurse moves departments and keeps the workstations ergonomically ready.

“Today’s hospitals have remote visibility to infusion pumps, vital signs monitors, and even beds when connected to their wireless networks, so why not workstations on wheels,” said Kevin Bridges, Enovate’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “Our Total Connectivity vision tracks, monitors, and manages every Envoy in the fleet to deliver enhanced productivity to both nurses and IT teams.”

To learn what you have been missing and bring Total Connectivity to the hospital floor, contact your Enovate Medical account executive or schedule an EnovateLIVE! virtual demo.


Enovate Medical manufactures and implements nurse-ready workstation solutions and services that improve clinical workflows and facilitate real-time Electronic Health Record (EHR) charting at the point of care.

Enovate’s mobile power solutions allow nurses to capture patient data uninterrupted throughout their shift. Our cloud-based monitoring of workstation utilization, real-time location, and battery health maximizes the performance of IT and clinical teams. And Enovate’s onsite technology audits and fleet optimization programs cut waste and drive down the overall cost of workstation technology.

Our consultative approach and a holistic view that integrates technology, service, and support, help our customers reduce costs, enhance productivity, and improve clinical outcomes.

For more information about Enovate, please visit www.enovatemedical.com or contact Kevin Bridges, VP of Marketing and Business Development, at 888-909-8906 ext 167.

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