EcoFlex Power Management

Get Corded and Cordless Flexibility to Power Your Clinical Workstations

EcoFlex Power Management gives you the flexibility of 3 workflow options while using battery power more efficiently, delivering a lighter workstation that runs longer with fewer interruptions for nurses and reducing operational cost.

Enovate EcoFlex™ Features & Benefits:

  • Battery-powered clinical workstations allow nurses to capture patient information at the bedside.
  • Managing battery charge levels takes the focus off the patient.
  • Reducing the frequency of plugging to recharge or battery swaps decreases patient care interruption.
  • Using battery power more efficiently saves cost as all batteries are consumable.

How it Works:

How Enovate EcoFlex Works

Enovate Medical EcoFlex Power Management

Enovate Medical Envoy MobiusPower Plus and Encore EcoFlex

The Advantages of EcoFlex:

Enovate Medical EcoFlex Features

Gives you ultimate power flexibility with corded and cordless power

Enovate Medical EcoFlex Features

Keeps your nurses moving with up to 30 percent longer run times

Enovate Medical EcoFlex Features

Saves you money with 30 percent fewer battery replacements

Enovate Medical EcoFlex Features

Reduces nursing fatigue with half the weight of traditional batteries & power supplies

Additional Information: