Rhythm Asset Management

Reduce IT workload and increase clinical productivity by managing your EHR workstations remotely with Rhythm Asset Management.

In today’s modern, busy hospital, large fleets of EHR workstations are constantly on the move. Rhythm makes it easy to manage this technology in a dynamic clinical environment without straining the resources of the IT staff.

When You Implement Rhythm, Your IT and Clinical Staff Get:

  • Rhythm Enables the Uptime Service Program for 100% clinical availability of EHR workstations.
  • Real-time Visibility to the location, health, and usage of your mobile ehr workstations with RTLS capabilities.
  • Personalization of your workstations for your clinical staff with secure medication access and universal single sign-on integration.
  • Streamlined Maintenance through integration with your native IT service management system (ITSM).
  • Reduced IT Workload and increased clinical productivity and availability with uptime ready replacements service program.

Stay Remotely Connected to Your Mobile EHR Workstation Fleet With Real-Time Visibility


Leverage your native systems to streamline workstation management:

  • IT Service Management System for automated support requests
  • Universal Single Sign-on for FollowMe Personalization and OneTouch Ticketing
  • Microsoft® Active Directory for secure medication access

Enhanced location services with patented BLE-enabled RTLS:

  • Lower cost of entry than other RTLS systems
  • Leverage existing EHR workstations for RTLS gateways
  • Room-level accuracy with Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) beacons

Ensure clinical availability and reduce IT workload:

  • On-site Ready Replacements™ for immediate repair resolution
  • No clinical downtime waiting for repairs
  • Repairs are performed by factory-trained technicians

Enovate Medical Envoy with MobiusPower

Rhythm’s AI and Reporting are designed to easily manage and optimize capital assets

  • Color-coded Heat Map displays the health of battery fleet on one screen. One click leads to warranty information and hospital location.
  • Battery Replacement Calendar predicts dates when batteries will reach their end of life so you can budget replacements in advance.
  • Peak Workstation Usage graphically displays the busiest hours of a 24-hour cycle. The graph shows the number of workstations required during peak hours.
  • Workstation Usage produces a list of the most and least used workstations. This data confirms opportunities to reallocate versus purchasing new workstations.
  • Assigned Location Drift gives a list of workstations being used outside of their assigned location. These units may need to be returned or reassigned.
  • Abandoned Workstation indicates units that are not being used. These assets could be hidden and forgotten or just need unreported repairs.

Enovate Medical Rhythm Mobile


  • Fleet Visibility: Rhythm delivers a dashboard view that allows IT staff to streamline service and optimize the equipment availability – across multiple departments, facilities, and locations.
  • Optimizing Assets: Rhythm can reduce total cost of ownership by allowing IT managers to move under-utilized workstations throughout the hospital as patient counts shift, department needs change, or when equipment is pulled from service.
  • Real-time Status: Continuous monitoring of workstation usage and battery performance optimizes the equipment inventory and reduces downtime.
  • Remote Diagnostics: Diagnosing and rebooting from a distance reduces support time spent by busy technicians.
  • Remote Factory Support: A direct link to Enovate allows collaboration with factory technicians.
  • Battery Health: Replacement decisions can be planned before batteries interrupt patient care.
  • Asset Snapshot: Make better purchasing decisions with Rhythm’s detailed inventory of the workstation fleet.
  • Notifications: Resolve equipment issues with real-time diagnostic notifications.
  • Ticketing Integration:Connect Rhythm to existing ticketing systems to streamline maintenance.

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