Get Connected with Rhythm®!

Increase the ROI on your capital investment when you connect your EcoFlex-powered Enovate workstations to the power and expertise of Enovate’s Tech Team.

Rhythm allows your IT and clinical teams to improve operational efficiencies by reducing IT workload and increasing clinical adoption.

Embedded on every Encore and Envoy, Rhythm Connect gives Enovate’s Tech Team the visibility to help you:

  • Resolve technical issues faster with remote diagnostics,
  • Keep workstations current with over-the-air software updates,
  • Identify and report underperforming batteries in your fleet.

Leverage the power of Rhythm Asset Management to continuously maintain the health, location, and utilization of your total mobile cart fleet – all from one easy-to-use dashboard – and experience its industry-leading personalization, ergonomics, and secure medication access for nurses. 

Your IT Teams benefit from: 

  • Fleet optimization insights with visibility to workstation metrics 
  • Health and location data with room-level accuracy  
  • Peak usage, location drift, and device abandonment reports
  • Heat maps that represent the health of every battery in the fleet 
  • Enterprise-wide changes for end user and device configuration settings 

Your Clinical Teams enjoy the ultimate experience in mobile EHR workstations with:  

OneTouch Ticketing by Enovate Medical

Streamline support requests for nurses with an open API to your IT service management software for real-time notifications.

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FollowMe Ergonomics by Enovate Medical

Minimize nursing fatigue and maximize ergonomic compliance with the seamless capture of personalized sit-stand heights through your SSO application.

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SecureMed Access by Enovate Medical

Secure medication access with automated management of user PINs using your Active Directory and implement 2 factor authentication using your SSO application.

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