Enovate’s high-efficiency, cordless mobile workstation power system stays up-and-running 24/7

For hospitals seeking the full potential of their EHR system, MobiusPower® 4.0 brings uninterrupted, real-time EHR to the point of care. By eliminating plugging/unplugging and recharging, Enovate’s innovative battery system allows nurses to capture timely, accurate patient data right at the bedside – 24/7 – without disrupting the clinical workflow.

How It Works:

  • Hot Swap: The user swaps out the MobiusPowerbattery pack to deliver a fully-charged power supply. Downtime and rebooting are unnecessary. A backup battery on the cart runs the PC during the swap.
  • User Alert: A 25-minute low-battery alert alerts the nurse. Concern about downtime with a patient is avoided.

Clinical Benefits:

  • Real-Time EHR: Mobius allows nurses to capture real-time data that is more timely and accurate and without disrupting the clinical workflow.
  • Patient Engagement: The nurse does not need to take her attention away from the patient in order to plug into an outlet or recharge the workstation.
  • Continuity of Care: By eliminating the “lag time” in charting, the medical team can make clinical decisions based on more current data.

User Benefits:

  • Increased Productivity: Nurses have more time to spend with their patients which increases patient satisfaction scores. Overtime work on patient charts is reduced or eliminated.
  • Eliminate Strain: Mobius battery packs are lightweight and easy to swap, and can be managed by any of the staff.

IT Benefits:

  • Optimization of Assets: Greater mobility means fewer workstations and lower capital cost.
  • Managed by Rhythm: The Rhythm management system monitors battery health and performance to ensure availability and extend battery life.


  • Advanced Battery Pack: Our lightweight, patented lithium battery packs offer a higher energy density, more efficiency, and a safe source of power for clinical users.