Uptime Ready Replacement Service Program

Get 100% availability of your workstation fleet with Enovate Uptime Service Program, a service of FleetPro. By having on-site ready replacement workstations available, you can keep your clinical staff focused on their patients and reduce the service burden on your IT staff.

Ensure 100% Availability of your mission-critical EHR workstations.


Even the most durable workstations will need repairs in their lifetime. Downtime interrupts clinical workflow and patient care. Your IT staff loses valuable time as they troubleshoot issues and manage repairs. The time from notification to resolution can go from hours to days, forcing your clinical staff to improvise with workarounds. See Response Time Comparison.


Enovate Uptime Service Program offers 100% availability for mobile EHR workstations to keep them up and running without burdening your IT staff. With Uptime™, you always have a Ready Replacement™ if any of your workstations need repair.


  • Rhythm Mobile Device Management: Our cloud-based workstation management system provides remote visibility and continuous surveillance of your mobile workstations. Rhythm sends a notification when the Ready Replacement is deployed and again when it is returned to the available pool.
  • Ready Replacement:Replacements are provisioned for backup to workstations needing repair. These workstations are always available for immediate use by your nurses if a workstations goes out of service.
  • Factory Dispatch: A factory-trained technician is dispatched on-site to diagnose the equipment and make the necessary repairs.
  • Fleet Optimization:In quarterly meetings, Enovate will work with you, using Rhythm data to optimize your capital investment in mobile EHR workstations.

Ensure 100% Uptime.

See Response Time Comparison and let Enovate manage and maintain your workstation fleet. 

Enovate Uptime Process
Download Uptime’s Response Time Comparison Chart