About Enovate Medical

Enovate Medical powers intelligent care through the first workstation solution that connects nurses, patients, management, and IT staff.

Enovate Medical manufactures and implements intelligent workstation solutions and services that improve clinical workflows and facilitate real time Electronic Health Record (EHR) charting at the point of care.

Powering Intelligent Care: Over the last decade, data input that was once performed at central nurse stations has given way to real-time data collection at the point of patient care. As a result, mobile workstation use skyrocketed from 25% of a nurse’s shift to 75% in a four-year period.

Today, Enovate Medical is taking EHR to the next level by Powering Intelligent Care. Our smart technology and integrated systems are designed to improve productivity for every stakeholder in the care equation:

Enhancing Productivity for all Stakeholders

  • Nurses: Enovate’s mobile power solutions allow nurses to capture patient data uninterrupted throughout their shift. Enovate’s intelligent workstations enhance patient engagement, reduce user fatigue, travel effortlessly, and improve the clinical workflow.
  • IT Staff: Enovate’s seamless approach to service and support maximizes the efficiency and resources of the IT staff while maintaining 100 percent availability of the EHR fleet. Our cloud-based solutions allow IT staff to troubleshoot problems remotely, while also monitoring utilization, real-time location, and battery health to maximize performance.
  • Management: Enovate helps management cut waste and drive down overall cost. We perform onsite technology audits to ensure that hospitals have the right mix of workstations for their staffing levels and clinical needs. Our cloud-based software produces the hard data needed to optimize workstation purchasing and placement in order to reduce the total cost of ownership and extend the life of the capital investment.

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