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Addressing Staff Burnout with the Right Workstation Setup

by John Lynn | Healthcare IT Today | April 13, 2022

Originally posted at https://www.healthcareittoday.com/2022/04/13/addressing-staff-burnout-with-the-right-workstation-setup/

Burnout is at an all time high in healthcare and the world.  Doctors and nurses are overwhelmed and many are to the point that they are literally leaving their jobs. Even on the health IT side of things, burnout is real and remote work options means that people can more easily switch jobs.  Addressing staff burnout (clinical and IT) is one of the most important topics in healthcare today.

An area I hadn’t thought much about when it came to it’s impact on the healthcare staff experience is how a healthcare organization approaches its workstation setup. As I think about it now, it’s obvious that staff not being able to access a workstation, batteries running out on a workstation, and workstations not designed for complex clinical tasks each can contribute to staff burnout. The good news is that this is a problem that can be solved. The bad news is that many haven’t taken the time to address it.

In order to understand how much the EHR workstation space has changed and how the right strategy can help reduce burnout in a healthcare organization, I sat down with Kevin Bridges, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Enovate Medical and Doug Gallacher, VP of Sales at Enovate Medical. Having been in the workstation-on-wheels business for 22 years, Enovate Medical knows the ins and outs of optimizing your workstations for your clinical and IT teams in a way that few can replicate.

Check out the interview with Bridges and Gallacher below to hear how the mobile workstation business has changed and more importantly how the right workstation setup can optimize operational efficiencies in the healthcare space. They also offer some really practical examples of how the right setup can help with burnout and fatigue which is an extremely important effort given the workforce shortage that many face.

Gallacher also shares why handheld devices aren’t going to replace the need for mobile workstations and Bridges shares about the changing service levels that hospitals want when it comes to mobile EHR documentation equipment. Many organizations are trying to address IT staff burnout and improve the experience for clinical staff by incorporating the management and servicing of their workstations as part of their contracts.

Watch the video below to learn more about how your organization can address a number of burnout challenges by improving your EHR workstation strategy.

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