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Ergotron + Enovate

EHR Documentation Workstations

Explore intelligent solutions that integrate seamlessly into your clinical workflow to capture EHR data at the point of care


Embedded Technologies & Power Systems

Discover the innovations that give your IT and clinical staff the visibility, mobility and flexibility to manage patients and clinical EHR workstations more efficiently

Comprehensive Managed Services

Start with the right technology mix, free up your IT staff from workstation management and reduce your total cost of ownership with our Comprehensive Managed Services

Enovate Medical Clinical Device Assessment

Make an informed purchasing decision with an on-site Clinical Device Assessment (CDA) to ensure you have the right mix of EHR technology for your clinical workflows.

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Enovate Medical Skilled Technicians

Uptime Ready Replacement program ensures 100% clinical availability and frees up hospital IT staff to focus on what they do best while we maintain your fleet.

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Enovate Medical performing quarterly review

Perform a Quarterly Optimization Report that analyzes the performance of your fleet in a comprehensive one-on-one, in-person meeting.

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