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Enovate Medical FIPS Validated

With FIPS 140-2 Validation, Enovate Medical becomes the First Connected EHR Workstation on Wheels for Federal Government Networks

October 22, 2020

Press Release | Murfreesboro, TN | October 21, 2020 Enovate Medical Workstations on Wheels meet FIPS 140-2 security requirements Enovate Medical announced today that its hardware and software have completed the rigorous NIST (U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technologies) testing. Its products are now certified to connect to the Federal Government networks, including VA … Read More

Enovate Medical: Shift Your Attention

SHIFT YOUR ATTENTION: From Data Input to Patient Engagement

June 22, 2020

When a nurse wheels an EHR workstation into the patient room, it’s easy to blame the machine for dehumanizing the quality of care. Attention that once flowed warmly toward patients is now consumed by the demands of data input at the keyboard and monitor. In 2016, EHR’s effect on the quality of care was so … Read More

Enovate Medical Telehealth Solutions

Enovate Medical Workstations are Ready-Built for Telehealth 2.0

May 27, 2020

Until March of this year, Medicare did not cover telehealth services except for specific situations in rural areas (and not to the patient’s home). As part of an $8 billion emergency funding legislation to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, most restrictions for Medicare telehealth have been lifted to give healthcare professionals “as many tools as possible” … Read More

Enovate Medical Telehealth Solutions

Integrating Telehealth into the Clinical Setting during COVID-19

May 13, 2020

It’s hard to imagine, but if you needed to visit a doctor via telehealth two months ago, Medicare would not have covered it.1 Today, because of COVID-19, Medicare now welcomes telehealth as an important clinical tool.2 More importantly, with tele-everything having become the norm for work, play, and our social lives, patients and clinicians have … Read More

Managing Battery-Powered Mobile EHR Workstations Just Got Easier

February 20, 2020

Press Release | Murfreesboro, TN | February 20, 2020 Enovate® Medical Introduces Patented MobiusPower® 5.0 Technology for Greater Visibility Enovate Medical revolutionized the efficiency of bedside EHR documentation over 10 years ago when it introduced MobiusPower® – the first swappable battery system that keeps mobile EHR workstations up-and-running 24/7 with zero downtime for recharging. Building … Read More

Knowing the location of your Workstation

Knowing the Location of Your Workstation Can Save You Money

February 4, 2019

With 650 Enovate cordless workstations deployed across five hospitals, Ty Ackerman, IT Software Asset Manager at Baptist Health in Jacksonville, FL had a problem. He needed a quantifiable way to optimize his workstation fleet. While it’s important to maintain backup gear in a hospital, redundant workstations sitting idle are expensive. “At our Heart Hospital, we … Read More

Battery Health or User Error?

Battery Health or User Error? Enovate’s Rhythm Delivers the Verdict

January 4, 2019

Cordless mobile workstations have changed the way nurses deliver care. Cordless mobility lets nurses document in the patient’s electronic record right at the bedside, but a key to sustaining nursing productivity is maintaining a healthy population of batteries. For this reason, Baptist Health of Jacksonville, Florida chose Enovate’s MobiusPower® system for their fleet of 650 mobile … Read More

Three Keys To A Successful Implementation of Wall-Arm Workstations

Three Keys to a Successful Implementation of Wall-Arm Workstations

April 16, 2018

When MedStar Montgomery Medical Center in Maryland decided to embark on a new EHR implementation project, it quickly became apparent that the building’s infrastructure wasn’t the only thing in need of an upgrade. The hospital’s clinicians realized they needed to rethink their nursing workflow with a bedside documentation solution. “We were looking for wall mounts, … Read More

Enovate Medical Introduces Envoy Mobile EHR Workstation

Enovate Medical Introduces Envoy Mobile EHR Workstation

February 19, 2018

Press Release submitted to PRWEB on February 15, 2018 Electronic health record (EHR) workstations have come a long way. Initially just a computer on a cart, today’s EHR workstations are sophisticated clinical tools. Enovate Medical’s new Envoy workstation takes this evolution to the next level. It is the first intelligent workstation designed to reduce nursing fatigue, enhance … Read More

Cordless vs. Corded EHR Workstations: Factors to Consider

October 26, 2017

Nurses have many battery-powered devices they use to care for patients, but one of the most critical to quality of care is the EHR workstation required for charting data. These workstations are used continuously throughout the busy 24/7 hospital cycle, and they must boost efficiency; they should never impede it. Corded stations often hinder the … Read More

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