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Five Rights: Choosing the Right Service and Support

You’re making a significant EHR investment to deliver real-time documentation to the point-of-care. In this continuing series, we discuss the fifth of “Five Rights” you should consider to reach your EHR goals:

The Right Service and Support

EHR workstations, whether mobile or wall mounted, are the workhorses that bring the electronic patient record to the bedside enabling real-time clinical documentation. These computer carts and wall mounts must survive a demanding patient care environment. With an ever-increasing reliance on electronic charting in daily clinical workflow, dependence on these workstations continues to rise.

It’s a paradox that hospitals rely on routine maintenance programs to maximize the up-time and availability of their biomedical equipment, but don’t use similar maintenance programs to maintain the mission-critical EHR workstations.

 “The demand on the hospital IT staff continues to grow and EHR workstations are typically not in their wheelhouse,” explains Kevin Bridges, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Enovate Medical. “However, the burden of supporting the clinical users is left to IT and all too often they can only respond in a reactive mode. This leads to disruptions in patient care and an unrealistic expectation of your IT staff.”

Enovate Medical recognizes your “right” to end-to-end service and support. That’s why we have introduced the SmartCare™ Certified Services and Support program.

Give your EHR workstation fleets the support they deserve:

  1. Start with Comprehensive Implementation and Integration – Right from the initial order, SmartCare’s SmartStart program puts workstations on the clinical floor ready to run – from computer peripheral integration and software imaging to proper installation, training, and more.
  2. Rely on Factory-trained Technical Support – SmartCare’s FleetPro keeps workstation fleets up and running through a multi-tier program that includes technical training and preventive maintenance, as well as many on-site technical support options.
  3. Keep Visibility to Your WorkstationsRHYTHM, Enovate’s cloud-based technology, provides real-time visibility to every workstation in the fleet. From battery health to workstation utilization, Rhythm gives actionable information to help you make the most of your investment.

Protect your capital investment by extending the life of your workstations and optimize your user experience by partnering with Enovate.

Do you have a service program in place?

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