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Mobile workstations are the workhorses of today’s clinical environment. Around-the-clock, mobile carts bang and bump from room to room – just like beds, gurneys and IV stands. 

But, unlike other rolling gear, workstations carry sensitive technology that would be happier on a desk instead of being pushed 24/7 into crowded rooms and corridors.

For this reason, workstations require regular maintenance. But hospital staff sometimes don’t have time to make mechanical repairs or there is confusion among staff as to who should be maintaining mobile computer workstations.


Enovate’s SmartCare Certified Service and Support solves this challenge through our experienced team of dedicated workstation technicians.

With three tiers of service, SmartCare tailors a service program to your specific needs. From training and implementation to cloud-based management and 24/7 uptime, only Enovate offers an end-to-end approach to workstation fleet management. 

SmartCare frees up your staff to do what they do best while we take care of your mobile technology.

Your Workstation Fleet Works 24/7 with Enovate SmartCare


  • PC Imaging: Whether purchasing from Enovate or another source, we can save your IT staff valuable time by loading your image on your PC’s at our factory, so they arrive ready to deploy.
  • Factory Integration: Mounting and managing the cabling on the PC or thin client, monitor, keyboard, mouse and bar code scanner are tasks we handle as we build your workstations at our factory.
  • Onsite Integration: Take integration service to the next level and allow us to manage the unloading, unpacking, imaging, peripheral integration, and roll out to the various clinical departments.
  • Installation Service: Our certified technicians are experienced with mounting and properly adjusting both WallArms and WallStations. The service includes mounting and cable management for the PC or thin client, monitor, keyboard, mouse and barcode scanner, as well as imaging.
  • MobiusPower Roll Out Service: Deploying the proper mix of workstations and battery as well as installing charging stations will optimize the user experience of your mobile offering.
  • Clinical Training: A key to clinical adoption is an effective in-service session for the end users. Allow us to share best practices with your clinicians to ensure the success of you EHR project workflow.
  • Technical Training: Our factory technicians have in-depth product knowledge we can share with your team to make managing EHR workstations much easier. We will take the time to educate you on the warranties, RMA process, and proper contacts to streamline all the maintenance processes.


  • Account management: Our account management team values your partnership with Enovate and is available to support you with order status, accessories, subsequent orders, and metrics offering with RHYTHM to optimize your capital investment.
  • Technical Support: Our technicians are skilled at trouble-shooting technical issues and are available to assist with warranty and replacement parts to keep your EHR workstations available for your clinicians.
  • OEM replacement parts: With multiple support levels available, we can ship replacement parts upon receipt, advance ship replacement parts or recommend a parts depot to meet your needs.
  • On-site Technical Support: Depending on your needs, we offer on-demand, routine scheduled visits or full-time technician programs.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Protect your capital investment with scheduled routine maintenance to extend the life of your workstations and optimize the user experience.

RHYTHM Mobile Device Management

  • Configuration Services: Our RHYTHM team will work with you to properly configure your workstations so when they arrive and are powered up they are visible in the remote monitoring database.
  • Implementation Services: Our RHYTHM team will travel to your site to commission the workstations giving you the ability to track them throughout your hospital.
  • RHYTHM Custom Reports: Get weekly or monthly reports on workstation utilization as well as battery health reports. These reports give factual data for budgeting and purchasing decisions. 
  • Ticketing Integration: RHYTHM’s open API allows Enovate to directly map the on-board diagnostic notifications into your hospital’s ticketing system simplifying the management of repair tickets.

Learn more about RHYTHM Mobile Device Management

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