Clinical Workstations as a Service (CWaaS) from Enovate Medical

Gain Clinical Efficiencies Without the Burden of  EHR Workstation Ownership

Outdated point-of-care equipment puts your clinical staff in a very precarious situation. They lose countless efficiencies on workflows and valuable time with patients when searching for missing equipment or workstations with a charged battery. Depending on the condition of the equipment, clinical staff also may be risking their physical wellbeing pushing around heavy, cumbersome carts. By implementing a Clinical Workstations as a Service approach, your clinical teams do not have to worry about outdated, broken equipment.

The advantages of CWaaS include:

  • Highest possible ROI on your operational investment
  • Capital preservation
  • Equipment always under warranty
  • Routine maintenance performed by Enovate technicians
  • Enovate oversees lifecycle management of all equipment
  • Redirect internal talent back to core competencies
  • Removes the hassle of finding and vetting partners when it’s time to upgrade equipment

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