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Five Rights: Choosing the Right Computer

You’re making a significant EHR investment to deliver real-time documentation to the point-of-care. In this continuing series, we discuss the third of “Five Rights” you should consider in order to reach your EHR goals:

The Right Computer

Choosing the right computing solution for a battery-powered mobile workstation is a critical decision in reaching a primary goal of an EHR implementation – charting at the bedside in real-time without interruption. In today’s hospital environment, mobile workstations are used continuously increasing the demand on battery power consumption. To enhance mobility, selecting a computer with ultra-low power consumption should be a primary consideration.

So, why is low-power consumption important?

  • Interrupted patient care – Healthcare settings can be hectic and demanding — interruptions distract attention and add complexity to the patient care process. Don’t let the task of managing power be an unnecessary distraction.
  • Cost of ownership – Because the battery is a consumable component, lowering power consumption increases its overall life cycle. Buying replacement batteries less frequently lowers your cost of ownership.

Let’s review a few additional features to consider when choosing the Right Computer:

  • Low voltage DC power – Use a low-voltage DC-power computer that conserves power and protect patients and staff from the risk of shock.
  • Solid-state drive (SSD) – Utilizing a computer with a fanless solid-state drive (SSD) reduces power consumption and eliminates failure-prone parts.
  • Medical-grade construction – Traditional computing solutions were designed to sit on a desk and not to roll throughout a hospital. For this reason, choosing a medical-grade construction that’s durable is critical.
  • Sealed design – Infection control is a serious issue. Use a computer with a sealed design that can easily be wiped down with antibacterial wipes.

Because Enovate Medical understands the Right Computer for your mobile workstations, we developed the new R7 AIO All-In-One computer to help you reach your EHR goals.

How has your computer choice affected your clinical workflow?

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