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Enovate Medical Workstations are Ready-Built for Telehealth 2.0

Until March of this year, Medicare did not cover telehealth services except for specific situations in rural areas (and not to the patient’s home).

As part of an $8 billion emergency funding legislation to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, most restrictions for Medicare telehealth have been lifted to give healthcare professionals “as many tools as possible” to combat the spread of the virus.

Welcome to Telehealth 2.0 – a new era in the practice of medicine where time and space no longer impede access to care. Telehealth is more than accepting a video call from your doctor on your phone. When telehealth enters medical settings, it becomes a virtual extension of traditional clinical protocols. Patient triage and consultation – and even physical examinations with diagnostic stethoscopes, otoscopes, dermatoscopes and even endoscopes can be conducted through the telehealth platform.

Enovate Medical has teamed up with telehealth partners to create workstations that bring remote doctors and other clinicians to the point of care. Enovate’s telehealth workstations serve as powerful tools in the patient encounter. They were designed to reduce nursing fatigue, enhance patient engagement, and withstand years of use in an often turbulent clinical setting – making them an ideal powered mobile platform for multiple telehealth technologies including both teleconferencing and diagnostic devices.

Both the Envoy and Encore EcoFlex powered mobile workstations have been outfitted with high-resolution cameras, speakers and microphones for clarity when engaging remotely and digital diagnostic scopes for providers of multiple medical specialties. A streamlined Encore Lite is also available for tablet-based video conferencing – for example, in primary care settings, frontline triage, and school clinics. For peer to peer physician collaboration, telehealth can also be integrated into exam rooms and outpatient settings with the e997 WallArm.

Enovate’s Rhythm technology remotely monitors the readiness and performance of telehealth workstations through its embedded IoT device that maintains connectivity with the Rhythm database in the cloud. The EcoFlex power management system within the Envoy and Encore EcoFlex optimize battery life for multiple telehealth peripherals. Both have the MobiusPower Plus option providing the flexibility of a corded or cordless battery-powered workstation with the latest Mobius Power 5.0 battery packs.

With the resurgence of telehealth as a sought-after alternative to traditional patient visits as well as the multiple applications for virtual patient engagements, the partnership between Enovate Medical and its telehealth partners is delivering turnkey customized solutions for many healthcare networks evolving with the changes.

To learn more about Enovate Medical’s telehealth workstations, visit our Telehealth Solutions page.

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