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Enovate Medical Preventing Burnout

Addressing Staff Burnout with the Right Workstation Setup

May 10, 2022

Burnout is at an all time high in healthcare and the world.  Doctors and nurses are overwhelmed and many are to the point that they are literally leaving their jobs. Even on the health IT side of things, burnout is real and remote work options means that people can more easily switch jobs.  Addressing staff burnout (clinical and IT) is one of the most important topics in healthcare today.

The Role of Hospital Asset Management Systems

How Hospital Asset Management Systems Play an Active Role in Healthcare

October 4, 2021

We spend a good portion of our day looking for phones, keys, and eyeglasses. In this way, our memory serves as an asset management system – and not a very good one. The stakes are higher in the hospital setting. For example, if medical supplies and equipment are not available in real time, the ripple … Read More

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