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Coordinate and Communicate in the Operating Room with Enovate’s Medical-Grade Workstation Solutions

Your OR nurses support a wide variety of surgical procedures, including complicated surgeries that require extreme caution and alertness. They need agile workstations to seamlessly move staff, patients, and equipment through the surgical process. Enovate’s mobile workstations serve as critical tools to assess, intervene, and evaluate patients in the pre-, intra-, and postoperative phases of the surgery.

Choosing the Right Operating Room EHR Solution


Operating room nurses work in sterile conditions, so they need medical grade computers that are easily disinfected when necessary. Enovate’s All-In-One Computer is a medical-grade computer designed specifically for clinical settings. The large HD 22″ display allows the nurse to focus on the patient without having to hassle with a tiny screen. The fan-free electronics and solid-state drive extend the battery run time, while the IP65 sealed construction simplifies infection control.

Enovate Medical - Encore Mobile WorkstationsPOWER

Batteries going down is not an option during critical surgical procedures. For this reason, OR nurses need continuous cordless power that doesn’t require rebooting or disrupting the surgery. The next-generation MobiusPower 4.0 Swappable Battery Pack keeps the mobile cart continuously powered. Within seconds, the OR nurse can swap out a battery and get back to what matters most, patient care.


Operating room nurses support the surgeon, document the surgery, and chart the patient’s transfer to recover. For these reasons, maneuverability is critical. Nurses also need an ergonomic handle that lifts, lowers, or moves the unit with one-handed ease.

Enovate’s Encore workstation is designed to reduce nursing fatigue while enhancing productivity. Importantly, the Encore includes antimicrobial work surfaces, medical grade construction, dual-casters, and feather-light aluminum construction, making it ideal for working within the crowded confines of the surgery suite.

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