Enovate Medical Mobile Solutions

Enovate Medical’s Carts are designed to be comfortable and ergonomically correct whether you are pushing, pulling, sitting, or standing. Effortlessly maneuver in any environment – wherever patient data or a powered mobile workstation is needed.

As cart fleets grow and EMR applications become increasingly critical, we know you need dependable products. That’s why hospital IT departments and their clinicians choose Enovate Medical. Our carts are not only built to last, but have the ability to be accessorized to meet your workflow requirements.

Enovate Medical - Encore Mobile Workstations


Enovate Encore Workstation

Perfect for Bedside Documentation: Solid aluminum construction for lightweight durability and maximum agility; pulls up to the patients bedside with ease

Increased Efficiency: Large work surface and LCD battery runtime display

Reduces Fatigue: Fluid height adjustment with ergonomic handle and tilting keyboard tray designed for stress free operation

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Enovate Medical - Sydekick Mobile Workstations

Enovate Sydekick Workstation

Designed for Flexibility: Mobile application allows staff to care for more patients per shift

Demanding and Convenient: Slim and sturdy design allows for patient documenting right at the bedside

No Downtime: Swappable MobiusPower batteries provide uninterrupted power on demand

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Enovate Medical - Slimline Mobile Workstations

Enovate Slimline Workstation

Nimble and Agile: Slimline can maneuver around tight spaces with ease

Focused Intent: Designed solely with documentation in-mind

Favored by Physicians: Simple design with a keyboard, mouse, and large display

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Mobile medical workstations

Enovate EMC Workstation

Smaller Fleet is more Efficient: Powered mobile results in fewer devices

MobiusPower: Swappable batteries allow for higher device availability and zero downtime

Corded Solutions Available: Ideal when the workstations stays in the room

Highly Customizable: EMC has a wide range of accessories, including medication delivery options

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