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Maximize Flexibility and Functionality in Medical-Surgical with Enovate’s EMC Solution

Your medical-surgical nurses have always formed the backbone of your hospital, but the range of their responsibilities continues to grow. In addition to working with a broad array of medical problems and diseases, your med-surg nurses support patients before and after surgery. Enovate’s EMC Solution handles the large and diverse caseloads of med-surg with ease. Since your nurses are time-stressed and in constant motion, Enovate helps them multi-task and coordinate care – whether it’s an 8, 10, or 12-hour shift.

Choosing the Right Med-Surg EHR Solution


Since med-surg nurses come into contact with a wide variety of medical conditions, they need medical grade computers that are easily disinfected when necessary.

Enovate’s All-In-One Computer is a medical-grade computer designed specifically for clinical settings. The integrated HD 22″ display makes real-time charting at the bedside easy and the fanless design plus solid-state drive extend the battery run while reducing bedside noise. The IP65 sealed design simplifies infection control.

Enovate Medical - EMC Mobile WorkstationsPOWER

Battery uptime is a major consideration for the hospital’s busiest nurses. Med-surg nurses need continuous cordless power that doesn’t require rebooting or disrupting the patient encounter.

The next-generation MobiusPower 4.0 Swappable Battery Packs keep med-surg mobile carts powered on demand. Within seconds, busy nurses on the med-surg unit can swap out a battery and get back to what matters most, patient care.


EMC is a recommended solution for Medical-Surgical applications and Pediatrics

Med-surg workstations require maximum maneuverability over carpets and smooth surfaces. They need an ergonomic handle that allows nurses to lift, lower, push, pull, and steer as they move into and out of rooms, one after another. Med-surg workstations should enhance interaction with the patient and ensure eye contact while documenting at the point of care.

Enovate’s EMC workstation was designed to give med-surg nurses the flexibility and functionality they need for bedside documentation with their high patient caseloads. The EMC workstation is designed to put patient care first during the nurse’s time-crunched, multi-tasked shift.

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