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Make Critical Assessments in the ICU Backed by Enovate’s Medical-Grade Workstation Solutions

Your critical care nurses provide complex assessments and interventions, often under intense circumstances to save lives. Enovate brings ICU documentation close to the bedside, giving your nurses ready access to the complete history of the patient’s ICU stay. Enovate leads the way, moving ICU workstations away from centralized nursing stations to in-room stations that increase the time your staff spends with patients.

Choosing the Right EHR Solution for Critical Care

Enovate Medical - 997 Wall Arm WorkstationCOMPUTER
The e997 is designed to accommodate a wide range of computers. It includes lockable CPU enclosure for a variety of sizes, a height-adjustable monitor mount, and can work with a range of keyboards, including sealed design keyboards for infection control.

Enovate’s e997 Wall Arm EHR Workstation, with its full range of motion, facilitates bedside documentation and maintains eye contact. The workstation includes an antimicrobial finish and easy-clean surfaces for infection control. It also includes a convenient eDesk for medication prep and folds flat to the wall to save space. With the heavier documentation requirements of the ICU, nurses can do their work seated using a simple height adjustment. Finally, the long reach of the wall arm (57 inches) brings the workstation closer to the patient whenever desired.  

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