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Enovate Medical - EMC Mobile Workstation

Enovate EMC Workstation

Designed to give you the flexibility you deserve

Enovate’s EMC workstation was designed to give you the diverse functionality you deserve making it easy to document right at the bedside, empowering you to put patient care first. Let us configure a standard workstation that fits your needs. The clinician friendly intuitive design and ergonomic flexibility integrates seamlessly into the workflows of nurses, physicians, and ancillary staff at your hospital. 

The diverse offering includes medication delivery systems of up to 4 tiers with 3 bins sizes and 2 storage drawer sizes to meet your unique needs. Single deep and double deep drawers with optional dividers and multiple bin configurations will gives you over 30 standard configurations. Even if your medication delivery protocol includes cassette exchange with transfer carts or robotic fill of the medication bins, the EMC will fit your needs.

Clinical workflows a differ in the mobility required. For this reason, we offer both cordless and corded power options for the EMC. In addition to the traditional corded carts, we offer lightweight swappable battery packs that provide 24/7 cordless power. Simply swap the 5lb battery pack and you have a fully charged EMC mobile workstation within six seconds. Where the EMC will see intermittent use or only be mobile for short periods of time, we offer the single battery with an AC power cord to recharge the battery in the base. We understand there are many computing solutions on the market and the EMC is designed with this in mind. From laptops to thin client and mini PC’s with large widescreen displays we have a solution.

EMC is a recommended solution for Medical-Surgical applications and Pediatrics.

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Enovate Medical MobiusPower 4.0MobiusPower Swappable Battery Packs Keep Encore Workstations Powered on Demand

  • The user interface reminds the nurse of the remaining battery life and provides an ample 25-minute low battery alert
  • By swapping a Mobius Power Battery the workstation is fully recharged in six seconds
  • Rebooting is unnecessary as the backup battery runs the PC during the battery swap

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Enovate Medical - RHYTHM Medical Device ManagementManage your Workstation Fleet with RHYTHM Mobile Device Management

  • Provides the hospital IT and clinical staff real-time status & location
  • Includes asset snapshot & notifications
  • Other features include ticket integration, battery health information and case detail

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Enovate Medical - Medical Grade All-in-One

Discover the Advantage of the All-In-One Computer

  • Medical-grade quality with IP65 infection control
  • Features longer battery life and is fanless for quiet durability
  • Complies with 60601-1 safety standards

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