Vaccination Solutions

With the COVID-19 vaccine distribution in full swing across the country, you’ll need the right workstation to help you safely administer at your facility. Enovate Medical’s vaccine configurations come equipped with MobiusPower® to deliver nonstop 24/7 mobility or traditional corded.

Our durable, easy-to-clean mobile vaccine carts include easy-access storage and accessory brackets for:

  • Sharps containers to properly dispose of needles
  • Barcode scanner for medication information
  • Antibacterial wipes to keep surfaces clean
  • Printer for convenient labeling
  • Large supply storage drawer

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Enovate’s high-efficiency, cordless mobile workstation power system stays up-and-running 24/7.

MobiusPower alleviates patient interruption and low battery charge anxiety, delivers a fully-charged workstation without any downtime, and empowers IT to provide superior clinical support.

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MobiusPower Battery System