Encore™ Workstation

We understand you are responsible for several patients during every shift. Why push a heavy cart all day? Encore was designed as a lightweight, durable and agile EHR workstation to reduce nurse fatigue. Encore’s sturdy design allows for documenting right at the bedside, empowering you to put patient care first. With the new dual-power MobiusPower System and Rhythm Device Management software, the Encore puts intelligence on the move.

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Encore was designed as a lightweight, durable and agile EHR workstation to reduce nurse fatigue.


  • LCD Configuration Display: Ideal for Thin Client, Mini PC, and All-In-One computing solutions.
  • Accurate Battery Status:Battery runtime is displayed in hours/minutes.
  • Swivel Mouse Bracket:Mouse-friendly surface swings out for left or right-handed users.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Unique curved design conforms comfortably to the nurse’s grip.
  • Adjustable Keyboard: Tilting full-size keyboard provides ergonomic wrist support.
  • Gas-Spring Height Adjustment: Quick adjust for standing or sitting at the bedside.
  • Solid Aluminum Construction: Lightweight yet durable design reduces nursing fatigue.
  • Dual-Casters: Navigate effortlessly into tight patient rooms.
  • Laptop Configurations Available: The laptop fits safely inside the work surface while the screen is displayed.
  • Locking CPU Enclosure: The CPU is safely protected from both the hospital environment and security risks.
  • Large Worksurface: The tray offers plenty of spill-proof room for preparing meds, tests, and paperwork.

Rhythm Mobile Device Management

Enovate’s Rhythm is the industry’s first cloud-based system to remotely monitor and manage any sized fleet of mobile EHR workstations with real-time visibility.

In today’s modern, busy hospital, large fleets of EHR workstations are constantly on the move. Rhythm makes it easy to manage this technology in a dynamic clinical environment without straining the resources of the IT staff.


  • Fleet Visibility: Rhythm delivers a dashboard view that allows IT staff to streamline service and optimize the equipment availability – across multiple departments, facilities, and locations.
  • Optimizing Assets: Rhythm can reduce total cost of ownership by allowing IT managers to move under-utilized workstations throughout the hospital as patient counts shift, department needs change, or when equipment is pulled from service.
  • Real-time Status: Continuous monitoring of workstation usage and battery performance optimizes the equipment inventory and reduces downtime.
  • Remote Diagnostics: Diagnosing and rebooting from a distance reduces support time spent by busy technicians.
  • Remote Factory Support: A direct link to Enovate allows collaboration with factory technicians.
  • Battery Health: Replacement decisions can be planned before batteries interrupt patient care.
  • Asset Snapshot: Make better purchasing decisions with Rhythm’s detailed inventory of the workstation fleet.
  • Notifications: Resolve equipment issues with real-time diagnostic notifications.
  • Ticketing Integration:Connect Rhythm to existing ticketing systems to streamline maintenance.


Enovate’s high-efficiency, cordless mobile workstation power system stays up-and-running 24/7

For hospitals seeking the full potential of their EHR system, MobiusPower® 4.0 brings uninterrupted, real-time EHR to the point of care. By eliminating plugging/unplugging and recharging, Enovate’s innovative battery system allows nurses to capture timely, accurate patient data right at the bedside – 24/7 – without disrupting the clinical workflow.

How It Works:

  • Hot Swap: The user swaps out the MobiusPowerbattery pack to deliver a fully-charged power supply. Downtime and rebooting are unnecessary. A backup battery on the cart runs the PC during the swap.
  • User Alert: A 25-minute low-battery alert alerts the nurse. Concern about downtime with a patient is avoided.

Clinical Benefits:

  • Real-Time EHR: Mobius allows nurses to capture real-time data that is more timely and accurate and without disrupting the clinical workflow.
  • Patient Engagement: The nurse does not need to take her attention away from the patient in order to plug into an outlet or recharge the workstation.
  • Continuity of Care: By eliminating the “lag time” in charting, the medical team can make clinical decisions based on more current data.

User Benefits:

  • Increased Productivity: Nurses have more time to spend with their patients which increases patient satisfaction scores. Overtime work on patient charts is reduced or eliminated.
  • Eliminate Strain: Mobius battery packs are lightweight and easy to swap, and can be managed by any of the staff.

IT Benefits:

  • Optimization of Assets: Greater mobility means fewer workstations and lower capital cost.
  • Managed by Rhythm: The Rhythm management system monitors battery health and performance to ensure availability and extend battery life.


  • Advanced Battery Pack: Our lightweight, patented lithium battery packs offer a higher energy density, more efficiency, and a safe source of power for clinical users.


Tethered Scanner Bracket with Barrel Grip

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0001

Honeywell 1902 Scanner Bracket

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0002

Symbol DS6878 Scanner Bracket Under-Mount

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0003

Honeywell 1902 Scanner Bracket (Column)

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0004

Universal Tethered Scanner Bracket

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0005

Esig Bracket VESA Mount Topaz 400 Series

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0007

Tethered Scanner Bracket Code 2600/Data Logic Gryphon

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0011

Esig Bracket Underhead Mount Topaz 400 Series

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0012

Antenna Mount

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0020

Fujitsu Scanner Bracket RT No Drawer

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0021

ASM Bracket Zebra QLN 320

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0024

SaniWipes Holder

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0009

Wire Basket Column Mount

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0010

Trash Basket

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0013

Auxillary Medium Bin

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0014

Auxillary Small Bins

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0015

File Caddy Kit

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0018

Wire Basket with Drawer Kit

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0022

Holster Charger Kit

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0016

RFID Wave ID Nurse Sign-in Kit

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0019