Delray Medical Center

Implementing Phlebotomy Technology to Improve Efficacy of Care

Central to Tenet’s Florida network, Delray Medical Center recognized the need to transform its phlebotomy workflow to reduce error rates, improve positive patient identification (PPID), and increase overall efficiency and mobility in their 508-bed hospital.

Specimen collection has traditionally been left up to an error-prone, manual process using non-powered carts filled with supplies. Matching patient identification to their individual specimen has been an ongoing challenge. Enovate knew that combining the current supply needs with a mobile workstation would allow phlebotomists to not only perform their current tasks more efficiently, but also to document at the patient’s bedside—a critical step in reducing the error rates that were so common in the current phlebotomy workflow.

After meeting with Delray leadership and phlebotomists, Enovate developed a mobile solution grounded in Delray’s clinical needs that would facilitate patient wristband scanning and wireless printing of specimen labels to support positive patient ID (PPID) initiative – all while at the point of care.

Key Points

  • Delray Medical Center faced pressure to increase efficiency in their phlebotomy workflows by reducing error rates and turnaround times.
  • Enovate Medical reviewed Delray phlebotomy workflows, their need to reduce error rates, and their PPID initiatives.
  • Within 120 days, Enovate delivered a mobile EHR solution that allows phlebotomists to document at the point of care to scan, print, and transport/store more supplies.

Supporting Phlebotomists across the Hospital

While powering a computer, scanner, and printer on a battery-powered mobile platform is standard for Enovate’s suite of EHR workstations, Delray had another challenge—designing a mobile solution to hold the wide range of phlebotomy technology and supplies needed when performing blood draws and specimen collections throughout the hospital.

The Delray team knew that they needed the traditional phlebotomy tray with a handle, but also additional storage for IV kits, vacuum tubes, blood culture bottles, and 25 other items to meet protocol patient specimen collection.

Prototyping Process & Launch

Enovate’s product team worked with Delray through a rapid prototyping process to deliver two mobile workstations tested for patient safety including tip tests to conform to the IEC 60601-1 certifications for powered medical devices used in a patient care environment.

Delray launched their fleet of battery-powered, mobile workstations with six computing peripheral devices and three accessory mounts for phlebotomy supplies, latex gloves, and sharps disposal container.

Each lightweight workstation features:

  • Height-adjustable work surface
  • Large 24” computer display
  • Barcode scanner, label printer, and phlebotomy tray
  • Locking, high-capacity supply storage drawer
  • EcoFlex power management system

A New Future of Phlebotomy Outcomes at Delray

Phlebotomists at Delray Medical Center now have exactly what they need to move quickly and easily through their facilities, staying on top of their demanding and fluctuating rounding sequences. They’re now better prepared to respond to the supply challenges and have the added benefit of minimized clinical fatigue that’s critical in an era of increasing clinician burnout.

Additionally, the new mobile cart solution reduces collection turnaround time (TAT)—a step that mitigates misdiagnosis and time-consuming errors and the related costs.

New workflow protocols supported by a new approach to technology will become increasingly critical as hospital leaders face a future of increased demand from aging baby-boomers and escalating costs brought on by the pandemic and ensuing inflation. Enovate Medical is proud to engineer solutions that increase workflow efficiency and cut operational costs while improving care delivery across the US healthcare system.
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