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Mobile Technology Makes 5,000 Daily Vaccinations Possible for Colorado Healthcare Network

There’s no time for delays in today’s critical deployment of COVID-19 mass vaccination clinics.

Even more challenging is that most mass vaccination events occur outside of regular clinical environments and on expedited timelines. When faced with the prospect of organizing for 5,000 vaccinations in one day in Denver’s National Western convention center complex, SCL Health knew they would need trusted partners like Enovate Medical to pull it off. SCL Health, which operates in Montana and Colorado, provides comprehensive, coordinated care throughout a $2.8 billion healthcare network. The non-profit healthcare system focuses on bringing high-quality care to underserved communities.

Under normal circumstances, vaccinations are scheduled in an actual clinic, giving nurses easy access to the tools and resources they use daily. Amid the pandemic, healthcare providers no longer had the convenience of a clinic setting or time to schedule patients individually. For this mass vaccination event, the SCL Health team had to adapt to operate where they never have before – in the center of a large open convention center away from electrical outlets, fixtures, and supplies of a typical medical office. It quickly became apparent that workstations on wheels and continuous mobility would be required to allow SCL Health to achieve its goal of 5,000 vaccinations in a single day.

Project Highlights

  • 24 days from inception to full deployment
  • Completed under budget and on time
  • 50 Envoy clinical workstations deployed
  • Efficient workflow for vaccination nurses
  • 5,000 vaccinations completed on day one
  • 5,000 vaccinations completed on the follow-up date
  • Redeployment of Envoy workstations within clinics

Meeting a Tight Timeline

To meet the quickly approaching deadline, SCL Health reached out to Enovate Medical to deliver 50 Envoy mobile clinical workstations powered by their cordless battery technology, MobiusPower.

“When Trent Berg emailed me that Thursday about this project, we only had 24 calendar days to get everything in place. First, we needed to define the workstation configuration the nurses would need, then work with the IT team at SCL Health and our mutual partner, CDW, to ensure all the items could be procured and delivered in time. Finally, we had to coordinate the timelines with our manufacturing operations, logistic partner, and field service teams to ensure all the pieces fell in place – not to the day, but to the hour,” said Katie Naughton, Account Executive of Enovate Medical.

Katie Naughton

Katie Naughton
Account Executive
Enovate Medical

Having already established a trust-based relationship with SCL Health since 2019, Enovate was the perfect partner to deliver quickly and provide comprehensive support.

Enovate Medical support included:

  • Configuring and manufacturing the necessary workstations
  • Project management of timelines between multiple parties
  • Coordinated delivery, unboxing, and IT hardware integration
  • End-user training and go-live IT support
  • Post-event redeployment, among other things

“We chose Enovate Medical not only for being a leader in the healthcare IT space, but for their extensive experience in deploying mobile EHR workstations,” said Bill Hofmann, System Director of Technology Strategy for SCL Health. “Enovate’s ability to quickly mobilize their various functional teams to help us plan, manufacture, deliver, and deploy the workstations allowed us meet our tight go-live date.”

Enovate Medical’s Leading Technology Allows Uninterrupted Nursing Workflow in the Convention Center

SCL Health chose a layout of successive rows of chairs and aisles with sufficient distancing between patients, allowing nurses to easily flow down each aisle with cordless mobile workstations. With rows spaced at 6 feet from one another and pairs of seats within each row spaced at 6 feet apart, patients could file in and out as directed and remain stationary waiting on the vaccination nurse to minimize the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

The day of the vaccination event, the nurses needed uninterrupted use of battery powered mobile workstations. At 500 vaccinations per hour, there would be no time to stop, find an outlet, and wait while the workstation battery recharged. Enovate’s MobiusPower was the obvious choice for its ability to provide continuous cordless battery power.

The vaccination nurses rolled down each aisle at a safe distance, timely and efficiently capturing patient information in the electronic health record while having access to all the equipment and supplies within reach on the mobile workstation.

Enovate Medical SCL Installation

Enovate’s White Glove Deployment Service Saved Valuable Time for the SCL Health Team

Enovate Medical’s white glove service included unloading, unboxing, integrating computing equipment, training end-users, and supporting the SCL Health IT team during the go-live time – a key differentiator for this quick deployment that allowed SCL Health to focus on other important preparations.

Two days before the event, Enovate’s field service team was onsite to integrate each workstation with a PC and monitor, keyboard, mouse, barcode scanner, and RFID badge readers. At the same time, the SCL Health team was there to verify wireless connectivity and software functionality. To complete the workstations, Enovate’s team mounted sharps disposal containers, waste and storage bins, glove boxes and disinfectant wipes to ensure nurses had access to all the necessary supplies when traveling from patient to patient.

Enovate normally recommends a factory integration for increased efficiencies. However, the expedited timeline and delivery dates of all the computing peripherals and other accessories necessitated the onsite integration. Both services are available and indispensable for timely and comprehensive deployments that save IT time and improve the clinical end-user experience.

The day before the go-live, Enovate’s deployment manager Christian Palma, a veteran in hospital IT services, provided both the SCL Health clinical and IT support teams detailed training to ensure full utilization and adoption, allowing nurses to fully maximize their time.

Enovate Medical SCL Teams

Redeployment of Envoys and the Power of Quick Deployments

“After the second day of vaccinations, Enovate will be helping us coordinate the redeployment of the Envoy workstations in clinics throughout the Front Range,” said Bill Hofmann.

For healthcare networks in need of timely workstation deployments, but without the time and resources to manage all the logistics of the process alone, Enovate has proven to be a qualified partner for SCL Health.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, comprehensive deployment services is one of the ways Enovate Medical adds value as a partner with all three elements of a successful EHR workstation strategy – top of the line equipment, an experienced service team, and advanced asset management technology. Different, Better, Unmatched – we provide unprecedented support and guidance, allowing you to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional patient care.