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Your EMR Mobility Just Became Easier

Enovate Medical's Carts are designed to be comfortable and ergonomically correct whether you are pushing, pulling, sitting, or standing. Effortlessly maneuver in any environment – wherever patient data or a powered mobile workstation is needed. As cart fleets grow and EMR applications become increasingly critical, we know you need dependable products. That’s why hospital IT departments and their clinicians choose Enovate Medical. Our carts are not only built to last, but have the ability to be accessorized to meet your workflow requirements.

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Humans like to move... and we know that you move a lot. So wouldn’t it make sense to have a product that moves with you? We think so.Effortlessly maneuver in any environment – wherever patient data or a powered mobile workstation is needed. Designed to be comfortable and ergonomically correct whether you are pushing, pulling, sitting, or standing. Enovate's keyboard tray, monitor, and work surfaces can be adjusted independently for maximum comfort.

  • Large 17" x 17" (432 mm x 432 mm) work surface
  • Comfort grip height adjustment lever and handles
  • Overall work surfaces have an adjustment range of 20" (508 cm)
  • Keyboard Tray: allows for 8" (203 cm) of height adjustment, 180° swivel and -15°- 0° tilt
  • Column: 12" (305 cm) of vertical height adjustment

Safe Mobility

Straight-line mobility provides safe and simple caster adjustment for better steering control, as well as the ability to easily turn your screen to see where you are going. Plus, our touch sensor system automatically cuts power to the electronic actuator, stopping med cabinets from unintentional descent, avoiding crushing any items below.

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Face the Patient

Swivel the monitor a full 360˚ while moving the keyboard tray 180˚ to always face the patient no matter what side of the EMC they are on.


All technology, supplies, and medication are securely stored to help prevent theft and misuse through keyed and electronic locks.

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Infection Control

Enovate Medical Carts give you an edge over harmful bacteria and help protect your patients and staff. All contact surfaces are finished or made with anti-microbial materials delivering smooth and clean surfaces. Enovate Medical's ergonomic handles are molded with an anti-microbial plastic, minimizing infection control trouble areas.

Push Button Lift (Optional)

Sit to Stand ergonomics just got easier, with a push of a button your cart rises and lowers to suit you.

Overall Dimensions

Technical Details
  • Antimicrobial Contact Surfaces
  • Smart Control Panel
  • Battery Alert
  • Power On/Off
  • LED Fuel Gauge
  • Work Light with Auto Shut-off
  • Mouse Holder
  • Negative-tilt Keyboard System
  • Mousing Surface: Left/Right Mouse Tray
  • Ergonomic Wrist Rest
  • Ergonomic Grip Front Handle
  • Ergonomic Grip Height Adjustment Lever
  • Work Surface that helps control spills
  • Cable Storage
  • 3 Port USB Hub
  • Internal Cable Management
  • Ethernet Ready
  • 4 Durable Precision Casters (2 locking)
  • Hospital Grade Spiral Power Cord
  • Cord Hanger: used to store the power cord within reach
  • Keyed Lock Security
  • Remote Pin Code Management
  • Power Management Software
  • LCD Height Adjustment: simple landscape to portrait adjustment
  • Integrated Power Conditioning System
  • Internal CPU Storage: 15.875" w x 11.875" d x 2.875" h(403 mm x 302 mm x 73 mm)
  • Battery compartment with slide out drawer for easy maintenance
  • Electronic Lift Available
  • Drawer Keypad: Electronic PIN codes provide keyless entry to medication and supplies

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Nurses have it tough, that's why we are eliminating one less pain point. Our carts are small, light, and easy to maneuver in tight areas. Concave, rather than the typical designs, our base was designed to fit your stride.

  • Push, Pull, Sit, Stand, we have your ergonomics covered
  • Comfortable and ergonomically contoured to minimizes strain
  • Push button height adjustment: press a button and the work is done for you
  • Patient Specific Medication/Utility Bins
  • When your PC needs a kick in the pants, just push the reboot button located at your fingertips on the control panel – NO NEED TO UNLOCK ANYTHING!*
  • Our smart keyboard lighting has an auto shut-off feature to save battery power
  • All contact surfaces are finished or made with anti-microbial materials delivering a smooth and safe surface
  • Large work surface for prepping with spill protection
  • Optional casters for tracking control on carpeted floors

Information Technology
As cart fleets grow and applications become more-and-more critical, we know you need a dependable product. That's why we give hospitals the ability to customize for specific units for departmental requirements. Let us take care of you. A drawer-style compartment provides quick and easy access to the power system for maintenance and battery replacement.
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Priced for performance with over 25 standard features. Enovate Medical carts enhance computing productivity at the bedside by giving your staff more flexibility, while maximizing the return on your investment.

Multiple Power Options

Mobius Power and Enovate Medical power systems redefine mobile power. New chemical advances boost battery energy and improve life cycle while delivering on the lightest, smallest batteries available. We strive to develop reliable, maintenance-free power systems while creating a greener environment.

Mobius Power Options
Mobius Power
  • Lithium Ion
  • 26 AH
  • All cross compatible
  • Charge Time - (26 AH < 4 hours)
Mobius Power Charge Stations
  • Standard 110 VAC Outlet
  • Standard 20 AMP Breaker
  • 4 Bay = 7.2 AMP Input
  • 2 Bay = 3.6 AMP Input
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Sealed Lead Acid (SLA):
AC or DC, SLA powered cart is the standard option for mobile power. Affordably priced to meet the power demands of today's mobile computing systems.
  • Weight: ±25 lbs (±11 kg)
  • Amp Hours: 40AH
  • IEC 60335-1
  • IEC 60335-2-29
  • Cycle Life: 500 - 700 cycles
  • Power Type: AC & DC

AC Power Systems:
The Lithium Phosphate will continue to offer you the same performance levels twelve months after purchase, whereas typical Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) equivalents will begin to degrade after six month of use.
  • For use in patient care areas as per UL, NEC, NFPA and Joint Commission.
  • Output Receptacles: Three NEMA 5-15R outlets (A)
  • Output Voltage: 120V AC / 60 Hz.
  • Output Waveform: True, pure sine-wave output
  • Output Capacity: 150VA continuous/ or 350VA continuous / 700VA peak (B)
  • Input Voltage: 120V AC / 60 Hz. (utility power)
  • HG (hospital-grade) plug
  • Battery Charger Type: Advanced, 3-stage, 10A or 20A
  • Battery Charger Control: Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  • Control Buttons: On/Off & Low Battery Alarm Mute
  • LEDs: Output AC Power, Battery Fuel Gauge
(A) For use in hospital/medical environments—including those where NEC requires hospital-grade receptacles (for proper connection).

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Enovate Medical works hard to stay a step ahead of the evolving demands, developments and improvements within the healthcare technology industry. Check back regularly to see what’s new.

EMC with wire basket, and LCD

EMC with wire basket, and Dual Monitors

Mobius Power Charger