Whats Covered & How Long?

The Extended Warranty increases coverage on structural, electronic, and power system components for Enovate Medical's Carts for five (5) – years from the product’s date of receipt(Extended to three years for Mobius Power System). Extended warranty is not available after 90 days of your cart purchase. Batteries warranted separately.

What About The Battery

Enovate Medical offers a separate battery replacement plan for customers desiring assistance with their battery management and effectiveness.

How We Help You

Like Enovate Medical's standard warranty, service resolution methods may include, but are not limited to, the following: Technical support may request customer collaboration and assistance during diagnosis to provide for a solution. Typically, this requires you to identify a primary contact representative (with phone number and e-mail address) within your organization that will work with an Enovate Medical customer service agent to accomplish the following: Provide the serial ID number and access to the product. Perform basic troubleshooting or repair activities as directed by Enovate Medical's Technical Support. Onsite service as well as other service offerings are available from Enovate medical for an additional cost. Please contact a sales or support representative for details.


Consultation Enovate Medical's products are designed to make your life better. And better equals happy. We believe in doing everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your Enovate Medical product and that means understanding who you are and how you work. The road to a successful consultation begins with clear communication, a flexible process and then ultimately recommending the optimal solution.

Here is the process we've discovered works best
  • Preliminary Consultation
    We meet with you to better understand your needs, clarify your goals and determine how your hospital or health care facility currently integrates point-of-care computing and medication delivery applications into its workflow.
  • Environmental Analysis
    You allow us to walk through your hospital or health care facility to get a better sense of your environment, workflow and more closely analyze your needs and requirements.

  • Consultation
    We present a solution
  • Testing and Follow-up
    You receive a product for testing to make sure that it meets your needs. It really is as simple as that. We let you test-drive our products before you purchase.During the testing period we will schedule regular status calls to answer questions, gather feedback and modify the solution or adjust the product (as necessary). Depending upon your feedback, we might change the configuration, and an accessory or two or ship in a completely new set of evaluation products.
  • Customer Purchase
    You buy the product. We make it easy. Done.
  • Delivery & Integration Services
    We deliver your products, install them and then go over our Quality Service Checklist to make sure every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed.
  • Routine Checkup
    This is just a “well visit” to make sure you and your staff is getting the most out of your purchase.

Installation Services

Enovate Medical is committed to providing our customers with innovative, technologically-advanced products that are installed efficiently and correctly and are built to withstand years of use. Our service department specializes in product integration, ensuring that your investment is installed accurately and works correctly. Free your staff to focus on what they are trained to do best and allow our trained and certified experts to configure your products. Professional product integration allows you to: Manage and control your installation expenditures, Refocus internal resources on the needs of your business, and Avoid the hassle and expense of installation rework.

What's Covered
The following services are included (where applicable):

  • Unpacking
  • Assembly
  • Mounting
  • Hardware Integration
  • Cable Management
  • Clean-up
  • Follow-up

Ensuring Success
Our definition of a successful install is a satisfied customer. For that reason, we believe it is our duty to understand your expectations and create a clear communication plan. An Enovate Medical representative will work with you to create an installation schedule that minimizes disruption to your workday. To support this interaction, standard installation lead times are 3 weeks. We also ensure customer satisfaction with a detailed Quality Installation Checklist.