Clinical Device Assessment

Empower Your Clinical Decisions

With a Clinical Device Assessment (CDA), we’ll ensure that you have the right mix of EHR technology to match your staffing levels and clinical workflows.

Enovate Medical : Start a Clinical Device Assessment

Workstations are as diverse as clinical specialties. Determining which device to buy and evaluating its compatibility to a clinical specialty is difficult. We analyze, diagnose and prescribe a custom fit solution based on your clinical workflow.

What We Do:

Enovate Medical Analyze in Clinical Device Assessment

Analyze current equipment with your cinical and IT staff and understand your current workflows.

Enovate Medical Diagnose

Diagnose and design the right mix of mobile and fixed workstations, fleet management, on-going service, and more.

Enovate Medical Prescribe

Prescribe a strategic deployment plan to ensure you maximize your return on your capital investment.

Enovate Medical Clinical Device Assessment

Some Important Questions to Ask:

  • Do I need fixed or mobile units?
  • Should I lease or buy my fleet?
  • What should my workstation to staff ratio be?
  • How will this change affect my staff?
  • How do I monitor and maintain my fleet?
Enovate Medical Patient Engagement

Your Clinical Benefits:

  • Higher nurse and physician adoption rates
  • Continuity of care across your facility
  • Increased device availability
  • Efficient delivery of medications
  • More time to focus on the patient

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