Introducing Enovate LIVE!

Introducing Enovate LIVE!

Leverage Technology to Solve Your Challenges without Leaving Your Office

With hospital IT staff and nursing directors working from multiple locations, teams can now come together to see what’s new and explore labor-saving innovations like RTLS and mobile asset management software – all in one virtual time-saving presentation.

Just last March, we were booking flights to Orlando to visit HIMSS – the can’t-miss health and information technology event of the year. Days later, state governments began issuing stay-at-home orders. With COVID-19 surging again, it’s not sure when or if people will be traveling to tradeshows again, but as hospitals face capacity and flexibility issues, the need to ramp up technology has never been greater.

Whether it was luck or foresight, Enovate Medical began to develop the virtual tradeshow concept long before COVID-19 hit. “IT and nursing informatics directors are busy managing multiple projects and agendas,” said Kevin Bridges, Enovate Medical’s VP of Marketing and Business Development, “so we thought, decision-makers don’t need to physically touch a workstation to see how it fits into their workflow. What they need is the undivided time and attention of a workflow specialist to discover how to solve their challenges and headaches within their hospitals.”

About Enovate LIVE!

The Enovate Medical team began to review the tradeshow experience. “Tradeshows give attendees a broad snapshot of the latest gear, but they don’t offer the in-depth analysis needed to make informed technology decisions,” Bridges explained. “A deep analytical dive requires a follow-up after the tradeshow regardless.”

Enovate LIVE! takes place in an outfitted onsite hospital demo suite with high-resolution cameras and clear audio to demonstrate the features and technology of mobile workstations – up close and in the wider context of a hospital’s workflow. “Clinical and IT teams get to explore new embedded technologies like RTLS. And, they see how workstations connect remotely to optimize assets and workflows using the metrics and AI within Rhythm,” said Dawn Wilson, Event Marketing Manager.

Enovate LIVE! leverages the multi-person capabilities of teleconferencing for a personal engagement that is both more efficient and thorough – for everyone. If the IT director is in Minnesota and the head of nursing informatics is in Arizona, they can both join the demo. “We can schedule the session to have IT and clinical people together at the start of the demo, then explore the asset optimization implications using embedded IoT technology with just the IT people in the second half of the call,” Bridges continued.

To book an Enovate LIVE! session, customers sign up by choosing the date and time for their demo and Enovate reaches out before the session to conduct a needs analysis to arrange the appropriate solutions for a productive virtual meeting.

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