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Five Rights: Choosing the Right Workstation

You’re making a significant EHR investment to deliver real-time documentation to the point-of-care. In this continuing series, we discuss the first of “Five Rights” you should consider to reach your EHR goals:

The Right Workstation

When choosing a computing solution for personal needs, you give it a lot of thought – desktop or laptop, tablet or smartphone? How about battery life versus screen size? Will you be writing a novel or editing a video?

Similarly, each clinical specialty and department in the hospital or medical facility also has different workstation needs. A med-surg nurse will likely roll a battery-powered workstation from room to room, while an ICU or a clinic nurse might need a workstation fixed to the wall. Medication nurses require lots of drawers, while a pediatrics unit wants colorful graphics. What’s more, all nurses using mobile workstations want light-weight solutions that reduce nursing fatigue, for example, the Enovate Encore Mobile EHR Workstation.

Before you purchase new workstations or make an upgrade, it’s important to fit the equipment to the clinical workflow. Should you consider a nurse centric or room centric deployment? The clinical specialty, medication distribution, plus room and floor layout all create different workflow requirements.

“One size does not fit all,” explains Kevin Bridges, Enovate Medical’s VP of Marketing and Business Development. “You can drive down your capital expenditure and your cost of ownership, as well as increase user satisfaction by selecting a well-suited portfolio of workstations.”

A Clinical Device Assessment (CDA) determines the most appropriate technology while reducing total cost of ownership. Redundant machines are eliminated. One mobile unit can often replace several fixed units. Enovate has many years of experience working with hundreds of hospitals across the U.S. matching workstations with workflows.

Through Enovate’s Clinical Device Assessment, we partner with hospitals like yours to determine how tailored workflow solutions can improve your productivity, enhance patient care and save money. Our team will assess your existing inventory, document your department workflows and deliver a comprehensive workflow report to your facility at no charge. 

Tell us about your current mobile workstations. Do you like the workstations you are currently using? Do you think your hospital could benefit from a Clinical Device Assessment?

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