MobiusPower Encore for Laptop

MobiusPower Encore for Laptop



alleviates patient interruption with 24/7 cordless mobility from lightweight, swappable batteries.

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Encore Computer Cart Features

  • Gas-Spring Height Adjustment: Quick adjust for standing or sitting at the bedside.
  • Solid Aluminum Construction: Lightweight yet durable design reduces nursing fatigue.
  • Dual-Casters: Navigate effortlessly into tight patient rooms.
  • Accurate Battery Status: Battery runtime is displayed in hours/minutes.
  • Laptop Security: Security bracket protects laptop from damage and theft.

Two-Tier Storage Options

6 Small Bins

Encore 2RX MedBin Accessory

3 Small Bins, 2 Medium Bins

Encore 2RX MedBin Accessory

3 Small Bins, 1 Large Bin

Encore 2RX MedBin Accessory

4 Medium Bins

Encore 2RX MedBin Accessory

2 Medium Bins, 1 Large Bin

Encore 2RX MedBin Accessory

2 Large Bins

Encore 2RX MedBin Accessory

For more information on accessories and configurations contact your Account Executive. If you do not have an AE, call us at 888-909-8920.

Tethered Scanner Bracket with Barrel Grip

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0001

Symbol DS6878 Scanner Bracket Under-Mount

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0003

Extender for adding rear mounted accessories to Encore EcoFlex MobiusPower Plus

Enovate Medical Accessory ENCA0003

Universal Tethered Scanner Bracket

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0005

Esig Bracket VESA Mount Topaz 400 Series

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0007

Tethered Scanner Bracket Code 2600/Data Logic Gryphon

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0011

Esig Bracket Underhead Mount Topaz 400 Series

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0012

Antenna Mount

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0020

Fujitsu Scanner Bracket RT No Drawer

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0021

ASM Bracket Zebra QLN 320

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0024

SaniWipes Holder

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0009

Wire Basket Column Mount

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0010

Trash Basket

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0013

Auxiliary Medium Bin

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0014

Encore Auxiliary Small Bins (for Standard Encore Models)

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0015

Encore EcoFlex Auxiliary Small Bins (for Encore EcoFlex MobiusPower Plus Models)

Enovate Medical Accessory ENCA0004

Wire Basket with Drawer Kit

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0022

File Caddy Column Mount

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0029

RFID Wave ID Nurse Sign-in Kit

Enovate Medical Accessory EMNA0019

Enovate’s high-efficiency, cordless mobile workstation power system stays up-and-running 24/7

With MobiusPower, there is no need to park, plug and wait for a recharge

How It Works:

  • 24/7 Cordless Mobility alleviates patient interruption and low battery charge anxiety
  • A Six-Second Battery Swap delivers a fully-charged workstation without any downtime
  • Real-Time Health & Location of battery packs empower IT to provide superior clinical support

Clinical Benefits:

  • Real-Time EHR: Mobius allows nurses to capture real-time data that is more timely and accurate and without disrupting the clinical workflow.
  • Patient Engagement: The nurse does not need to take her attention away from the patient in order to plug into an outlet or recharge the workstation.
  • Continuity of Care: By eliminating the “lag time” in charting, the medical team can make clinical decisions based on more current data.

User Benefits:

  • Increased Productivity: Nurses have more time to spend with their patients which increases patient satisfaction scores. Overtime work on patient charts is reduced or eliminated.
  • Eliminate Strain: Mobius battery packs are lightweight and easy to swap, and can be managed by any of the staff.

IT Benefits:

  • Optimization of Assets: Greater mobility means fewer workstations and lower capital cost.
  • Managed by Rhythm: The Rhythm management system monitors battery health and performance to ensure availability and extend battery life.


  • Advanced Battery Pack: Our lightweight, patented lithium battery packs offer a higher energy density, more efficiency, and a safe source of power for clinical users.

MobiusPower Plus:

  • Conventional Corded Workflows: The workstation plugs in and recharges.
  • Corded and Cordless Power Flexibility: Get the best of both worlds.
  • 24/7 Continuous Mobile Computing: Drop the cord and simply swap the lightweight battery pack to fully recharge the workstation.
  • Added Flexibility: MobiusPower® Plus provides the ability to plug the workstation during idle times like nights and weekends.