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e550 with eSensor & Lock

eSensor Patented System

detects and closes the keyboard door automatically promoting HIPAA compliance for patient privacy. Additionally, the monitor automatically turns off for enhanced energy efficiency.

eDesk Worksurface

fold-down desk can be used for keyboard and medication prep.

Customizable Cabinet Finishes

allow you to match with new or existing furniture.

Associated SKUs

With Standard Keyboard Tray in Various Finishes:

  • Wild Cherry:e550S4-N4L-01WC-0
  • Port Maple:e550S4-N4L-01PM-0
  • Honey Maple:e550S4-N4L-01HM-0
  • Fine Oak:e550S4-N4L-01FO-0
  • Hard Rock Maple:e550S4-N4L-01HR-0
  • Ontario White:e550S4-N4L-01OW-0

With eDesk in Various Finishes:

  • Wild Cherry:e550S4-N4L-03WC-0
  • Port Maple:e550S4-N4L-03PM-0
  • Honey Maple:e550S4-N4L-03HM-0
  • Fine Oak:e550S4-N4L-03FO-0
  • Hard Rock Maple:e550S4-N4L-03HR-0
  • Ontario White:e550S4-N4L-03OW-0

WallStation Wall-Mounted Workstation Features

  • Elegant Finishes: Match with new or existing furniture or other hospital décor.
  • Auto Retracting Keyboard Door: An eSensor detects when the user walks away to promote HIPAA compliance.
  • Auto On/Off Display: Maintains patient privacy while conserving energy.
  • Automatic Task Light: For energy efficiency and ease of use.