e550 with Adjustable Height & eSensor

eSensor Patented System

detects and closes the keyboard door automatically promoting HIPAA compliance for patient privacy. Additionally, the monitor automatically turns off for enhanced energy efficiency.

eDesk Worksurface

fold-down desk can be used for keyboard and medication prep.

Customizable Cabinet Finishes

allow you to match with new or existing furniture.

Height Adjustment

with the push of a button for user convenience.

Associated SKUs

With Standard Keyboard Tray in Various Finishes:

  • Wild Cherry: e550L4-N4L-00WC-0
  • Port Maple: e550L4-N4L-00PM-0
  • Honey Maple: e550L4-N4L-00HM-0
  • Fine Oak: e550L4-N4L-00FO-0
  • Hard Rock Maple: e550L4-N4L-00HR-0
  • Ontario White: e550L4-N4L-00OW-0

With eDesk in Various Finishes:

  • Wild Cherry: e550L4-N4L-02WC-0
  • Port Maple: e550L4-N4L-02PM-0
  • Honey Maple: e550L4-N4L-02HM-0
  • Fine Oak: e550L4-N4L-02FO-0
  • Hard Rock Maple: e550L4-N4L-02HR-0
  • Ontario White: e550L4-N4L-02OW-0

  • Elegant Finishes: Match with new or existing furniture or other hospital décor.
  • Auto Retracting Keyboard Door: An eSensor detects when the user walks away to promote HIPAA compliance.
  • Auto On/Off Display: Maintains patient privacy while conserving energy.
  • Automatic Task Light: For energy efficiency and ease of use.