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Handle Tightly-Scheduled Outpatient Caseloads with Enovate’s Wall Station Workstations

Your outpatient nurses work with high patient volumes in a variety of settings – urgent care facilities, wellness clinics, and hospital settings. Your nurses need solid tools to support a broad range of conditions – from travel immunizations to plastic surgery. Enovate workstations work seamlessly to support your schedules, no matter how many patients you see in a day.

Enovate Medical e750 WallStation EHR WorkstationChoosing the Right EHR Solution for Recovery


The eSeries is designed to work with a broad range of CPUs. A large high-def screen relieves eye strain, an attractive feature for nurses who work in front of a computer all day long.

With an eye on energy saving, the eSensor technology automatically turns off the monitor for enhanced energy efficiency.

Outpatient facilities often function like clinics where tightly scheduled appointments and the need for efficiency drive the practice. For this reason, Enovate’s WallStation EHR Workstations balance outpatient efficiency and HIPAA security at the point of care. The Enovate’s eSeries WallStations deliver full access to EHR technology within the tight confines of the examining room. The workstation features an eDesk worksurface for medication prep, an auto-retracting keyboard drawer to save space, and a control panel for keyless access and height adjustment. For HIPAA security, a patented eSensor automatically closes the keyboard drawer when the user steps away.

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