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Enovate Medical Introduces All-In-One Computer for Clinicians

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Press Release submitted to PRWEB on February 1, 2017

The R7.0 All-In-One computer sets a new performance standard for mobile EHR workstations.

Even as electronic health records (EHR) evolve in their use and acceptance as an essential part of a patient’s care, many nurses and physicians continue to use consumer-grade computers in critical clinical settings. This puts both the patient and the clinician at a disadvantage when communication concerning prior treatment and cooperation between providers is essential. To ensure continuity of care, Enovate Medical has introduced the R7.0 All-In-One computer, a medical-grade computer designed specifically for clinical settings.

Enovates’s R7.0 All-In-One keeps nurses online and with constant access to vital patient information throughout their shifts. The latest Intel® Skylake processor sips power, delivering longer battery life. In addition, the design of this processor including its solid-state drive and absence of a fan, means no moving parts to waste battery power, as well as greater mobility for its users and a quieter computer while patients are trying to rest. The HD 22″ display makes real-time charting at the bedside easier and the integrated LEDs in the bottom bezel offer ideal lighting for the work surface when the lights in a patient’s room are off. Enovate’s R7.0 All-In-One is perfect in both function and design for any clinical environment.

The All-In-One Computer is mobile, efficient, and dedicated to clinical applications:

  • MEDICAL-GRADE QUALITY: Designed for dependability as a rugged mobile application.
  • UL 60601-1 LISTED: Meets the requirements for use in a patient care environment.
  • SOLID-STATE DRIVE: Extended battery run times for less workflow interruption.
  • FANLESS DESIGN: Ultra low-decibel rating for higher patient satisfaction.
  • IP65 PROTECTION: Sealed design simplifies infection control procedures.

All-In-One Specifications:

  • Intel® Core™ i5 Processor
  • 128 GB mSATA Solid-State Drive
  • Intel Dual Band Wireless/Bluetooth
  • TPM Security
  • Capacitive Touchscreen (optional)
  • Integrated RFID Badge Reader (optional)
  • Integrated Smart Card Reader (optional)

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