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Handle the Flux and Stress of the ER Environment with Enovate’s Rock-Solid Workstation Solutions

Your emergency room nurses triage a steady stream of patients – often with trauma or acute illnesses, and typically without a diagnosis. Because your ED nurses need extra-durable workstations, Enovate’s medical-grade solutions help them administer exams, document findings, and look up histories and medications without missing a beat in a high-pressure, non-stop environment.

Choosing the Right EHR Solution for Emergency Room Nurses

Enovate Medical - Sydekick Mobile WorkstationsCOMPUTER
Emergency room nurses rarely stop, so an easy-to-read monitor is necessary for those long shifts in a 24/7 setting – especially at night. Enovate’s All-In-One Computer includes an integrated 22-inch high-def monitor, plus a fan-less design and solid-state drive which extend the battery run time. The IP65 sealed construction simplifies infection control, a critical concern within a wound care environment.

Battery uptime is a major consideration for round-the-clock nursing specialties. Emergency room nurses need continuous cordless power that doesn’t require rebooting or disruption – especially when critical patients arrive without notice. The next-generation MobiusPower 4.0 Swappable Battery Pack keeps the mobile cart continuously powered. Within seconds, the ED nurse can swap out a battery and get back to what matters most, taking care of patients with critical needs.

Patient triage and documentation drive the clinical response in the emergency department. For this reason, an ED workstation needs to fit into the non-stop workflow. Enovate’s Sydekick® allows the ED nurse to move seamlessly from room to room, patient to patient, and even into the hall. The Sydekick’s lightweight, durable design allows the nurse to follow the flow and keep up with patient documentation amid the ever-changing clinical demands.

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