Clinical Device Assessment Case Study (pt 5): Montrose Memorial Hospital

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The final results of the CDA

Today, we are completing part five of our blog series as we detail the final results of a Clinical Device Assessment (CDA) and department-tailored equipment upgrade with Montrose Memorial Hospital. Read our overview in part one, learn about the CDA process and partnership with Enovate in part two, equipment specifics in part three and investing in new equipment without overwhelming your budget in part four. Let’s discuss the final results.

The nurses at Montrose Memorial are ecstatic about their new equipment, which helps them spend less time dealing with tech logistics, eliminates battery anxiety, and helps them achieve more face-to-face time with the patients.

“The ability to roll a workstation up into a triage room and be able to document with the patient in real-time is big,” says Eric Herd, Director of Information Technology at Montrose Memorial. “In the emergency department, we enhanced workflow quite a bit just by helping them not have to walk around as much.”

Montrose prides itself on emergency preparedness. The CDA and new equipment rollout, complete with MobiusPower®, has boosted the hospital’s capabilities to handle mass casualty events. In those situations, a large influx of patients would require temporary waiting and admissions areas.

“The ability to deploy workstations in a temporary area is part of that emergency preparedness plan,” Herd says. “Before, we actually had laptops sitting on a cart. I don’t think we ever looked at them. They were ancient. With the new equipment, we can roll them up anywhere in the hospital.”

The changes have also made life easier for Montrose’s IT team. “The answer is unanimous,” says John Zentmeyer, Technical Support Analyst II. “We like the new system a lot better.” Candice Schroeder, Montrose’s Information Systems Project Manager, agrees, citing the lower number of complaints.

The lease option made the changes feasible, so that Montrose could reap the benefits of the new equipment and enhanced workflow right away, rather than waiting for more capital.  “For years, our business model was not to lease but to buy.” Herd says.

Montrose and Enovate now have an ongoing relationship. Marc LaFleur, Enovate Medical’s Regional Sales Director, and his colleagues remain in touch and involved with Montrose’s workflow evolution. “They are well apprised of the needs that we might have and help us better assimilate what our needs are,” Schroeder says. “They know us very well.”

Better equipment, improved processes, happier nurses, and an ecstatic IT team all enhance the best patient care in the Rockies.

At Enovate Medical, we take time with our clients, working directly with nurses and IT professionals, to conduct a thorough clinical device assessment (CDA). In doing so, our clients have lowered their overall capital outlay and reduced their operational expenses. Most importantly, they’ve achieved enhanced nursing workflow and therefore an improved patient experience.

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