Enovate Medical AVRCM Case Study
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Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center Builds a Workstation Fleet Tailored to Each Department

Today, the nation’s healthcare system has broadly embraced Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software – and with a tremendous investment. Yet the day-to-day usability of the mobile workstations in a fast-paced clinical environment is often overlooked. 

This was the learning experience for the Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center (AVRMC) in La Junta, CO. The Emergency Department had purchased plug-in medical carts, but rather than expediting workflow, the carts were rarely used.

“The carts were hard to maneuver through the ER as they were bulky, heavy, and required an electrical outlet,” said Heidi Gearhart, EMR Education & Clinical Informatics Specialist. “Although the intentions were good, the carts were not conducive to nursing workflow.”

Gearhart and another nursing director were tasked with finding a mobile workstation solution for the Center’s new Barcode Medication Verification system. The Emergency Department’s experience convinced them that day-to-day usability was their paramount concern. “The technology should promote quality of care, not hinder it,” she explained.

A Tailored Solution

Gearhart was referred to Enovate Medical, a leading provider of workstations designed to integrate seamlessly into a range of healthcare environments. Enovate implemented a Clinical Device Assessment for each department within AVRMC.

“We assessed each department to determine how the technology would fit into their workflows,” said Marc LaFleur, Enovate Regional Sales Director. “One department might need a mobile workstation with drawers for medications and another might need a wall unit because of space allocation.”

Enovate’s workflow analysis helped AVRMC identify how many workstations were needed in each department and the proper configuration to improve the clinical workflows. Four different configurations were selected:

  • Registration: EMC mobile workstation with AIO & Fujitsu document scanner
  • Med/Surg, OB, ICU, ER: Sydekick® mobile workstation with AIO and medication drawer
  • Skilled Nursing Facility: Slimline® mobile workstation with AIO for documentation
  • PACU: e997 wallarm workstation

Enovate implemented a roll-out plan and trained the AVRMC’s staff in using the technology.


Enovate Medical Nurse and Patient

The AVRMC nurses were thrilled with the enhanced workflows that their Enovate cordless mobile workstations offer.

Power Technology

The Emergency Department’s bad experience using corded workstations underscored the importance of finding a solid and sustainable mobile power solution. For this reason, the cordless workstations were equipped with MobiusPower® swappable battery technology. By swapping a battery you fully recharge the workstation in six seconds. The integrated back up battery powers the PC and peripherals during the battery swap. You will not need to stop and wait for the PC to reboot. Most importantly, you do not need to worry about the remaining battery life. The system displays a true time remaining in hours/minutes and gives you an audible and visual reminder throughout the last 20 minutes of battery life. 

Enovate Medical MobiusPower Battery Kit

Total Fleet Monitoring with RHYTHM™

As the workstation fleet grew, the hospital’s IT staff needed a comprehensive solution to manage their technology. Enovate’s cloud-based monitoring system, RHYTHM, was implemented to report workstation usage, locate mobile workstations by department, and receive diagnostic alerts. 

The proactive diagnosis capability minimizes downtime. The system’s on-board diagnosis and integrated ticketing system allow the IT staff to be more proactive and efficient. RHYTHM gives IT the remote visibility they have always wanted to truly support the nursing staff.

Enovate Medical - RHYTHM Medical Device Management

Enovate’s cloud-based monitoring system, RHYTHM, was implemented to manage the hospital’s workstation fleet.



The AVRMC nurses were thrilled with the enhanced workflows that their Enovate cordless mobile workstations offer. 

“Although our initial goal was to support bedside medication verification, our workstations are now utilized for all documentation purposes and have become an integral part of the daily workflow,” Gearhart explained. Incorporating a product that supported the nursing staff in accomplishing their many tasks was essential to the overall success.

Since the implementation more than five years ago, AVRMC has become a repeat customer, upgrading and expanding with new Enovate technology as they grow their workstation fleet. Enovate provides follow-up assessments to assist in evaluating on-going needs.

“It’s not just the original purchase that has made the relationship such a good one,” said Gearhart. “It’s the fact that Enovate has so much to offer and continues to work with us as our needs continue to evolve.”