Infection Control

Bacteria grows on almost any surface imaginable in a health care environment. With Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) and nosocomial infections such as MRSA on the rise, hospitals and medical centers must be as vigilant in preventing infections as they are in treating them.

Enovate Medical products can give you an edge over infections and help protect your patients and staff. Most of our mobile products employ Silver Oxide and Zinc Omadine—effective antimicrobial materials—on all contact surfaces, promoting total infection control throughout your hospital.*

How we do it

During manufacturing, Silver Oxide and Zinc Omadine are intermixed with our plastics, metals and coatings while still in their liquid state. The resulting antimicrobial materials are further integrated into the polymer manufacturing process, creating products that are resistant to infectious disease. These microbicidal agents are safe, won’t wash off, and are expected to outlast the lifespan of the product.


Silver Oxide Ag20

Silver technology has been proven to significantly reduce the total viable bacteria count by 95.8% and has also been proven to reduce cross contamination. †Medical equipment manufacturers have increasingly begun to imbed a variety of product surfaces with silver oxide, including catheters, mattresses, light switches, and keyboards.

Zinc Omadine

Zinc Omadine®†† bactericide-fungicide is a highly active, broad- spectrum antimicrobial agent that consistently and effectively inhibits the growth of both bacteria and molds. These antimicrobials depolarize membrane electropotential in fungi and inhibit fungal and bacterial substrate transport processes.

*All Enovate Medical Carts excluding Slimline are manufactured with anti-microbial materials when applicable. Silver Oxide’s and Zinc Omadine’s® efficacy will outlast the product.

†Journal of Infection Prevention; 10:1, 8-14
††Zinc Omadine bactericide-fungicide is listed in the CTFA International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary, 4th Edition, as zinc pyrithione.