It’s not an equation or a complicated series of calculations, and it’s not a diagram or a dimension. It’s a fluid relationship between you and your equipment.

We know you don’t have the time to re-configure your workstation every time you use it. That’s why we design products that move with your body—sitting or standing, pushing or pulling, resting or rushing.

Enovate Medical’s ergonomically correct carts, arms and wallstations anticipate your movements and flow intuitively with you throughout your day.
That’s Enovate Medical ergonomics — clean, simple and smart. Engineered with you in mind, Enovate Medical products free you to do what you do best.



Humans like to move, and we know that you move a lot. So wouldn’t it make sense to have a product that moves with you? We think so.

Unfortunately, much of the medical computing equipment out there is bulky and static, creating unnecessary strain when you use it. What’s worse is that poorly designed products can actually do long-term damage.

“Improperly or inappropriately adjusted and configured workplaces contribute to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) such as those associated with computer use and constrained postures” (Springer, 2007).

Designed for comfort, Enovate Medical’s wall stations and mobile computer carts can actually prevent injury and help you work more efficiently.